Level 1414

16 Moves
8 Flowers
230 Apples
230 Strawberries
24 Firecrackers
For saying this was marked as a "hard" level, I have played many none hard levels and they have been harder. 
On your board you will notice four special boosters, not only do they remove crops in a circle around them, but they also light firecrackers! Handy when you have some clumped together. I swapped two first at the top and as they dropped down, then did them at the bottom.
You won't be able to open many of your flowers yourself because of where they are sitting, but luckily, we have to set off 24 firecrackers. They often and mostly in fact, land on the flowers and open them for you.
Save shovels for towards the end of the game in case you need them for last minute things like a crop or a final flower removal.
Cascading crops will gather all the needed ones.
Well..unless they make it harder.


  1. on android, the flowers do not ignite the firecrackers

    1. Is this still happening? Have you cleared your game cache etc?

  2. This is a very hard level, I wonder if I'll be able to complete. The special booster do not light the fire crackers at all, actually you only loose moves with them.


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