Sunday, 1 January 2017

Level 1407

14 Moves
4 Flowers
125 Carrots
125 Onions
125 Strawberries
The trickiest part of this level are the iced layers. Not only can you not remove the snowballs that grow on these layers, the longer you play the level, the more snowballs you make.
Making snowballs makes it nearly impossible for you to collect all the crops even if you open the flowers.
The biggest thing to remember is that you MUST HAVE multiple cascading rows. Where you make a row, the crops are removed and the remaining crops fall and make another row. The more of these rows you make, the more crops you gather and the more points add onto other crops.
If you don't make them cascade and you don't manage to get rows of 5 crops (removing all other the same type) you will not pass this level.
Watch what crops fall onto the ice, and try to make as many rows as you can, open the flowers quickly.

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