Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Level 1405

26 Moves
4 Oysters
2 Spiders
205 Apples
205 Carrots
Well you made it! Congratulations, you are on the final level of Episode 90 and what a fun level to finish on. It seems like it was never going to end!
As you can see on your board, the oysters are at the bottom, you cannot get to them until you remove the spiders empty bolt holes....and you can't do that until you remove the spiders and webbed crops surrounding them.
Don't give up, you can do this!
Cascade crops to break webs and move spiders and to add points, arrange crops so they match up with the ones on the logs so they break the spiders webs too once they are in the lower ones, and then all you need are your oysters.
Crops will fall down, hopefully nearly in rows. Save shovels for helping with this, or for removing opened oysters.

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