Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Level 1401 **Rancid**

In 24 moves, we need to hit Rancid the raccoon with 300 apples, carrots, onions and strawberries
not so easy to do because we have lots and lots of flowers on the board. 
We do not need any flowers to pass this level, but the more you open, the more room we have on the grass. The grass will cancel slime and add points.
Unfortunately because the slime goes all the way around the outside, you need to be careful making your rows as all it takes is one unhappy crop to spoil it for the rest of the match. Even if they are sat happily on the grass.
The larger problem we have, as you will have noticed is that row of snowballs at the top. The longer you take to pass this level, the more snowballs will fall down, leaving you less room to move without having to break them. 


  1. I have finished this level with 10 moves to spare and I only get 1 star, not enough to unlock the roadblock. Is this a glitch?

    1. Some of the Rancid levels they changed, so you need a unrealistic score to get more than one star. At some point in the future they will probably come back and change it but I don't know when.