Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Level 1398

20 Moves
3 Flowers
155 Apples
155 Onions
155 Carrots
On this level there are fireflies in front of the water buckets stopping us getting water. We do not need to collect the flies as part of the requirements, but you will need to move them if you want to make flowers. The reason being is that they are blocking the water and we don't get any more falling.

Move the fireflies quickly, then make as many matches next to the water, because if you're not careful the frog will start jumping and slurping up the water meaning you cannot make flowers.

Concentrate on flowers first while causing cascading crops.


  1. Why say you don't need to move the fire fies when it's a very important requirement !!!

    1. Because its not one of the list of crops. So yes we need to move them to get to the water, but we don't need them to pass the level as such. I mean you could make each seed grow with a shovel hit and wouldn't need to remove the flies at all then :)

  2. How in the world do you make flowers.