Sunday, 1 January 2017

Level 1397

24 Moves (level changed)
4 Sheep
12 Poppies
135 Apples
135 Carrots
I am strange. Because I really liked this level.
You take one look at all those poppies and think you will never pass, right? Wrong. You can and you will.
There are 20 poppies on the board, but look at your requirements, you only need 12!
The hay is under the poppies though and you need to move the sheep onto it.
The best plan of action is to start by moving the bulls to open the top and lower poppies. It always seems to set up the level so this can be done. Then carefully hit as many as you can to make larger spaces without poppies. If you have maybe, 4 missing poppies, it makes it easier to get the sheep onto the hay rather than if you just have two.
The good thing about these sheep, unlike the black relatives in the family, these ones won't eat hay. Meaning if you are careful and the crops behave, sometimes you can make a row and take two over to the hay at the same time. This will save you moves.

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