Sunday, 1 January 2017

Level 1391

15 Moves
100 Apples
100 Strawberries
This is a level that took me months. I gave up on it so many times as it got too boring. Luckily for you, they changed it and made it easier!
So how do you pass it? With a lot of patience. Those pesky bombs are a pain!!!
The only saving grace about this level, is those funnily colourful flower like boosters sat smiling at you. (its late, humour me) They are actually super fruit boosters. And if you are new to the blog and have not read my ramblings before, they remove a row of crops, in a square around them, adding points to the crops they take at the same time.
So...the best way to use them is to build up points on fruit near them, then use one.
Of course, that would be waaaaay too easy. So most times you will find your bombs counting down, in which case, you can use one of these bad boys and sweep several away at one time.
And obviously, crops on grass, cascading crops and rows of 5 crops, will all add vital extra points.
This actually became a fun level since they changed it, so I don't want to hear grumbles, just be glad its different lol.

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