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Level 1420

20 Moves 35 Apples 35 Strawberries 11 Dragons Oh wow what a level! I honestly don't know what to tell you that will help. The level seems to start more or less the same way, making moves from the bottom helps but its a pure luck level. If you can get a row of 5 crops you have more of a chance. I did do it without boosters other than shovels and it only took me 3 days of solid playing (Thankful for a good husband!) but it was down to luck rather than skill I fear :(

Level 1419

18 Moves 160 Onions 12 Flowers 160 Suns 160 Water drops This level is much better. As long as you keep your snowballs under control, the only crop that falls that you don't need to collect are carrots, so you have more chance of matching up. Play moves carefully, set up crops so as the logs turn, they match up with other crops for you and you will soon have this level beat.

Level 1418

17 Moves 1 Spider 125 Apples 125 Onions 125 Suns Urgh....this level! It is possible, but a lot easier with a companion to break things and throw suns.  You need to rely on getting lots and lots of falling crops, without it, you won't pass.  Hope and pray that you get some +5 rows too!

Level 1417

11 Moves 222 Water drops 222 Strawberries 222 Onions 222 Suns At first glance you can be forgiven for banging your head before crying hysterically and that is just one look at the screen. Actually though, this isn't such a bad level. Or maybe I was just really lucky, but I have played far simpler levels which took longer. We only get needed crops falling on the board which is always a win win situation.  The logs also move for us which means that we get more crops matching up all by themselves. Falling crops, clever matches and combinations will mean you will soon get enough to pass, even if it is only one star,

Level 1416 **Rancid**

In 16 Moves we need to throw 260 Apples, Strawberries, Carrots and Onions at Rancid. Break the ice blocks and move the seeds down to the water drops, but I would advise only making a couple of grass patches.  You don't get a lot of moves so try not to waste them. Cascade crops, especially onto the grass so that you get added points and then you need to collect less.

Level 1415

12 Moves 8 Oysters 108 Apples 108 Suns 108 Strawberries Make as many combinations as you can here. Try to stop a lot of snowballs falling down otherwise you won't have any crops to move. Start with oysters and get them out of the way then move onto the rest. This level isn't as impossible as it looks, but its not very interesting either. You either pass well or not at all.

Level 1414

16 Moves 8 Flowers 230 Apples 230 Strawberries 24 Firecrackers For saying this was marked as a "hard" level, I have played many none hard levels and they have been harder.  On your board you will notice four special boosters, not only do they remove crops in a circle around them, but they also light firecrackers! Handy when you have some clumped together. I swapped two first at the top and as they dropped down, then did them at the bottom. You won't be able to open many of your flowers yourself because of where they are sitting, but luckily, we have to set off 24 firecrackers. They often and mostly in fact, land on the flowers and open them for you. Save shovels for towards the end of the game in case you need them for last minute things like a crop or a final flower removal. Cascading crops will gather all the needed ones. Well..unless they make it harder.

Level 1412

15 Moves 2 Poppies 2 Spiders 80 Carrots 80 Onions Finally, a fun level which is a welcome relief after the last two. Two things to remember here. 1. Try to move your first spider before you remove the top poppy. Why? So that when the spider moves up, the poppy blocks off the crops so that he cannot web them. 2. Cascading crops will break webs. I personally would move the spider, move the bull up and clear the top poppy, while making his path downwards clear, so you can just move the bull to the right and get the final poppy.

Level 1411

19 Moves 105 Apples 3 Fireflies 105 Strawberries 6 Flowers I hate this level. Its too hard, needs too many crops and got boring. Hoping they change this one. **Edit. King DID change the level thankfully!! The flies and flowers are not too bad to get, you just need to get the rows into the correct positions and use combinations. As to the crops, you need endlessly cascading rows and a lucky board.

Level 1410

18 Moves 85 Apples 85 Carrots 85 Onions 12 Chicks The logs are a pain, and you don't get enough moves to spare, so constantly make matches next to the chickens to get them to lay eggs. You need lots of cascading crops and hopefully have rows of 5 crops meaning all the same type will be removed.

Level 1409

16 Moves 6 Flowers 95 Apples 45 Water drops 95 Strawberries To move the flower seeds down, you must remove the flowers already on the board. Make longer rows or position them in between so you open several at once. The key to beating this level is a lot of water, and cascading crops. The more rows that make themselves, the less moves you make meaning if the board co-operates, and only then, you will beat this one.

Level 1408

17 Moves 1 White Sheep 3 Black Sheep 225 Carrots 225 Strawberries The only time I passed this level was when I reloaded for lives and forgot to turn off the companion. The companions don't always help much, but sometimes the board just loads up better and that is what I found this time. The white sheep is to be moved first. Its in a tricky position, so move it as soon as possible, then move the black sheep onto the logs. The closer they all are to the logs, the easier it is to get them onto the hay. Actually the sheep are not too hard to manoeuvre.  The crops need to cascade, and you need to use many combinations to get the amounts you need.

Level 1405

26 Moves 4 Oysters 2 Spiders 205 Apples 205 Carrots Well you made it! Congratulations, you are on the final level of Episode 90 and what a fun level to finish on. It seems like it was never going to end! As you can see on your board, the oysters are at the bottom, you cannot get to them until you remove the spiders empty bolt holes....and you can't do that until you remove the spiders and webbed crops surrounding them. Don't give up, you can do this! Cascade crops to break webs and move spiders and to add points, arrange crops so they match up with the ones on the logs so they break the spiders webs too once they are in the lower ones, and then all you need are your oysters. Crops will fall down, hopefully nearly in rows. Save shovels for helping with this, or for removing opened oysters.

Level 1404

22 Moves 2 Spiders 2 Sheep 80 Apples 80 Carrots The spiders are hiding in the bottom corners, we also have empty nests on the logs  for them to jump into. We need to remove them in as least moves as possible to save moves for the crops and sheep. The nests are blocking off the sheep, so until at least one of the nests is gone, we cannot take them anywhere. Try to avoid breaking web crops where you don't need to as the spiders will only web them up again. Use clever combinations as well as cascading crops and rows of 5 crops to get your points required.

Level 1403

25 Moves (changed) 6 Fireflies 60 Mushrooms 60 Apples 60 Carrots Mushrooms are not affected by slime. Open and remove the fireflies first. The crops are not so bad to get, the mushrooms are a pain, but possible finally since the level was changed. Break as many as you can into offshoots, better to have too many than not enough :)

Level 1401 **Rancid**

In 24 moves, we need to hit Rancid the raccoon with apples, carrots, onions and strawberries. not so easy to do because we have lots and lots of flowers on the board. We do not need any flowers to pass this level, but the more you open, the more room we have on the grass. The grass will cancel slime and add points. Unfortunately because the slime goes all the way around the outside, you need to be careful making your rows as all it takes is one unhappy crop to spoil it for the rest of the match. Even if they are sat happily on the grass. The larger problem we have, as you will have noticed is that row of snowballs at the top. The longer you take to pass this level, the more snowballs will fall down, leaving you less room to move without having to break them. Start at the bottom where possible to get crops cascading.

Level 1400

23 Moves 12 Flowers 2 White sheep 2 Black Sheep 120 Apples Only one type of crop to get here which is good as we need so many other things! Make your crops rows along the flowers, opening more than one at a time. As soon as you can get the flowers cleared, you can work on removing spiders and the most moves would be better kept for sheep herding and crop gathering. Because remember, cascades can also open flowers and remove spiders all by themselves. Once you have the room, move the sheep closer to the hay. Watch out for those black sheep first or they will be munching away before the white sheep get near!

Level 1399

21 Moves (Level changed) 2 Sheep 70 Apples 70 Carrots 50 Water drops You cannot get the sheep to the hay until you make it. You cannot make the hay until you break the ice. You could bash it with a shovel, that would work, or use one of the firecrackers to break the ice for you. When the hay does fall, swap it with a healthy water drop and make your hay. Try to do it nearer to the sheep, as the further away you do it, the further they have to travel. If you make more than one hay seed grow, try to get them near each other for easiness in getting the sheep. Cascading crops, +5 will take care of your amounts of crops.

Level 1398

20 Moves 3 Flowers 155 Apples 155 Onions 155 Carrots On this level there are fireflies in front of the water buckets stopping us getting water. We do not need to collect the flies as part of the requirements, but you will need to move them if you want to make flowers. The reason being is that they are blocking the water and we don't get any more falling. Move the fireflies quickly, then make as many matches next to the water, because if you're not careful the frog will start jumping and slurping up the water meaning you cannot make flowers. Concentrate on flowers first while causing cascading crops.

Level 1397

24 Moves (level changed) 4 Sheep 12 Poppies 135 Apples 135 Carrots I am strange. Because I really liked this level. You take one look at all those poppies and think you will never pass, right? Wrong. You can and you will. There are 20 poppies on the board, but look at your requirements, you only need 12! The hay is under the poppies though and you need to move the sheep onto it. The best plan of action is to start by moving the bulls to open the top and lower poppies. It always seems to set up the level so this can be done. Then carefully hit as many as you can to make larger spaces without poppies. If you have maybe, 4 missing poppies, it makes it easier to get the sheep onto the hay rather than if you just have two. The good thing about these sheep, unlike the black relatives in the family, these ones won't eat hay. Meaning if you are careful and the crops behave, sometimes you can make a row and take two over to the hay at the same time. This will save you moves.

Level 1396

29 Moves 5 Flowers 110 Apples 110 Carrots 110 Onions Marked as a hard level, it is also quite boring.  You have to carefully set up your crops so that you open all 5 fireflies. If you don't remove the fireflies, although they are not necessary to pass the level, you will not get your seeds drop, and you need the seeds for your flowers. You have to grow all 6. Sometimes it might help growing grass too, but you will waste so many moves on the fireflies, its not worth it. You can get the points you need on combinations, +5 and cascading crops. It can be done without buying boosters though!

Level 1395

20 Moves 2 Black Sheep 20 Oysters 80 Apples 80 Carrots The more oysters you remove, the more fall down. Make rows in between them, in as few moves as you can. And remove as many oysters as you can before you even think about moving the sheep, because you need 20. The black sheep will eat the hay it lands on as usual, and there are only two patches. The rest is grass to add a lot of points for you. Plan moves carefully, to get the best for each move.

Level 1394

Two choices on this level. Either, keep working across to the frog and he will jump over and get the apple (taking him off the board too) but isn't going to help you make flowers, as chances are he will sit his backside on something you need. Or the best way is to remove the seed with a shovel, then start making rows on the main part, meaning the new flower seeds will fall over on the main part which is much better as you can make crops rows around them to open them. Break the ice so that you have more space for crops to fall and to add points because of the grass.

Level 1393

18 Moves 2 Spiders 4 Fireflies 105 Apples 105 Carrots The flies are on logs meaning that you have to match the crops carefully.  At the same time you have to move the spiders around, so they jump and clear the other nests too. Once they are cleared, you need to make as many crops on grass so that you get the extra points as most of your moves will have gone on the previous requirements and you will have to rely on rows of 5 and cascades to get enough numbers.

Level 1392

20 Moves 60 Apples 60 Carrots 60 Onions 60 Strawberries I hate slime. We have grass seeds, but you need to get the seed onto the slime and the water drop right next to them but not in the slime, so that you can swap them and grow your own grass (legally) cancelling out the slime meaning that you get less grumpy and more points on crops. Again, cascading crops will add points, along with any collected on grass. We have 20 moves which go quick, so you might be sat here a little while, but hopefully not as long as the previous level.

Level 1391

So how do you pass it? With a lot of patience. Those pesky bombs are a pain!!! The only saving grace about this level, is those funnily colourful flower like boosters sat smiling at you. (its late, humour me) They are actually super fruit boosters. And if you are new to the blog and have not read my ramblings before, they remove a row of crops, in a square around them, adding points to the crops they take at the same time. So...the best way to use them is to build up points on fruit near them, then use one. Of course, that would be waaaaay too easy. So most times you will find your bombs counting down, in which case, you can use one of these bad boys and sweep several away at one time. And obviously, crops on grass, cascading crops and rows of 5 crops, will all add vital extra points.

Level 1407

14 Moves 4 Flowers 125 Carrots 125 Onions 125 Strawberries The trickiest part of this level are the iced layers. Not only can you not remove the snowballs that grow on these layers, the longer you play the level, the more snowballs you make. Making snowballs makes it nearly impossible for you to collect all the crops even if you open the flowers. The biggest thing to remember is that you MUST HAVE multiple cascading rows. Where you make a row, the crops are removed and the remaining crops fall and make another row. The more of these rows you make, the more crops you gather and the more points add onto other crops. If you don't make them cascade and you don't manage to get rows of 5 crops (removing all other the same type) you will not pass this level. Watch what crops fall onto the ice, and try to make as many rows as you can, open the flowers quickly.

Level 1406

Since this level has been tweaked they made a slight mistake. You only need to remove the 2 fireflies, but they added a lot more to the board. Being as you have to light them all before they can go, the number doesn't really matter. You will have to rely on falling crops and remember your shovels. The only way you will win is if you get +5 rows but in all honesty, I only tried for about 20 minutes before I got a decent board. It might take you longer but you will fly past one I get stuck on.