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Level 879

20 Moves 2 Black Sheep 5 Flowers 2 Poppies 75 Strawberries You really need crops to cascade down on this level. Open the flowers in as few moves as you can, saving your moves for the bulls and sheep. The easiest way to get the poppies are to get the upper ones on the left and right first, then when you have the second, move the bull to the edge of the board so that you can get the other two. Make the longest rows you can to move your sheep and it will save moves. Watch the video for an idea of what you mean :)

Level 916

22 Moves Requirements: 18 Flowers 110 Carrots 110 Onions 110 Water drops This level is made easier by using the grower companion as there are so many flowers needed. Before you do anything else, try and make a flower in each of your moves until the seeds are changed. If you start your board and have no water drops near flower seeds, quit and start again. You need the other moves to gather your crops. Luck and careful planning play a part here, watch for combinations but ideally you need to set rows of crops up, so that as the river moves the logs around, they make crops fall and match up for you. Use shovels carefully so that you can save moves by knocking obstacle crops out of the way.