Saturday, 24 September 2016

Level 1389

17 Moves
8 Flowers
100 Apples
100 Strawberries
100 Suns
On this level it looks like we have some help in the form of the colourful boosters on the board. A quick reminder: They remove a circle of crops around the one its swapped with and adds points. And they can be useful, but in this level, I would only use them if you cannot make another move or need extra points quickly.
The reason being all the ice. We have 8 flowers we need to open, but there are two layers of ice making snowballs, which means any crops under the snow, unless they match up with crops not snowed under, will be lost.
Make +5 rows, make crops cascade as always, but watch for openings where you can make crops fall down.
If you get stuck, use one of the on board boosters to remove some crops but try and remove as many of the needed crops as you can.

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