Saturday, 24 September 2016

Level 1388

14 Moves
95 Carrots
7 Onions
7 Strawberries
Lets just say this straight off. The companions are a complete waste of time and beans. You need too many of the crops that are in ice to be any use and the carrots can be got with patience and luck. Yes my video might only have one star, I used to like making perfect 3 star video's, but that was before King decided to make levels harder and that all changed. Its a pass and that is what matters.
Use the firecrackers, not only to break the ice so you can get the strawberries and onions but also to gather carrots for you. 
Selective moves, cascading crops and careful shovel use and you will pass this :)


  1. I read your blog for any level that end up frustrating me and every single one has helped me. Thanks!