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Level 1390

22 Moves 40 Water drops 150 Apples 150 Carrots Lots of ice and bombs. The only way of passing this level is to get as many +5 rows and cascading crops as you can. You need to break the ice to make room to match crops up.  You need to break as many ice blocks as you can quickly because of the bombs but make as many matches as possible next to your water buckets. Even if you have more than enough to complete the 40 you need, the more water you get the more matches will make themselves and hopefully flood the board and then be removed so that you get other crops fall.

Level 1389

17 Moves 8 Flowers 100 Apples 100 Strawberries 100 Suns On this level it looks like we have some help in the form of the colourful boosters on the board. A quick reminder: They remove a circle of crops around the one its swapped with and adds points. And they can be useful, but in this level, I would only use them if you cannot make another move or need extra points quickly. The reason being all the ice. We have 8 flowers we need to open, but there are two layers of ice making snowballs, which means any crops under the snow, unless they match up with crops not snowed under, will be lost. Make +5 rows, make crops cascade as always, but watch for openings where you can make crops fall down. If you get stuck, use one of the on board boosters to remove some crops but try and remove as many of the needed crops as you can.

Level 1388

14 Moves 95 Carrots 7 Onions 7 Strawberries Lets just say this straight off. The companions are a complete waste of time and beans. You need too many of the crops that are in ice to be any use and the carrots can be got with patience and luck. Yes my video might only have one star, I used to like making perfect 3 star video's, but that was before King decided to make levels harder and that all changed. Its a pass and that is what matters. Use the firecrackers, not only to break the ice so you can get the strawberries and onions but also to gather carrots for you.  Selective moves, cascading crops and careful shovel use and you will pass this :)

Level 1387

24 Moves 3 Sheep 180 Apples 180 Carrots You DO NOT need to get rid of all of the flowers. But you will need to get rid of some as they are happily lying on the hay that you need to lead your sheep to. You need to try and open the top flowers without moving the sheep if you can help it and you need to make the crops cascade down to save your moves. Once you have some space, move the sheep down to the hay. That's the easiest part. You need to make more crops cascade and hopefully find rows of 5 crops meaning you can remove all the same type.

Level 1386 **Rancid**

22 Moves and we need to throw 100 Strawberries and Suns at Rancid. Its harder than it sounds as we have patches of slime to spoil our crops and the needed crops start at the bottom of the board. We won't get more falling until we have disposed of them. So we need to drop the clean water and the seeds down until near the slime then make grass to cover it. Line them up just right, if the crops fall right, you should be able to pass at some time and not need to spend.

Level 1385

26 Moves 6 Flowers 2 Sheep 60 Water drops Make rows between your flowers to open multiples at a time. This is another level you need cascading crops, if you concentrate on one thing at a time, you lose all your moves and get nowhere.  Make water as soon as possible so you can swap it with the hay seed and as soon as you have a nice row, start leading your sheep down. Try not to make the hay on the very bottom row as its harder to get the sheep there. Save shovels for removing problematic crops.

Level 1384

19 Moves 35 Onions 105 Carrots 105 Suns 105 Water drops Having been stuck on this a while, I can honestly say, it is passable since they changed it (well unless they change it again) You need lucky falling crops to cascade.  The boosters can help if you can make use of them. You can drop them onto the log by making a match of crops when the log is lower than the booster and if you can get it to go around to the crops where the little patches of grass are, that is where it will work best.  Alternatively, use it on any groups of crops that have added points on from cascades.

Level 1383

23 Moves 150 Apples 150 Carrots 150 Strawberries 70 Water drops You see the grass seeds on the board? You need to make water by using the grumpy crops, getting them to set the water into leaping around, hopefully not only landing near the seeds but also the slime patches. You need to change as many of the slime squares as you can, that way you can use your crops to make water but to count as well.  While doing that, use crops on the logs and on the grass to gain extra points and make your rows. You only need one star to pass, so breathe, pass and move on.