Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Level 1377

23 Moves
1 Sheep
3 Fireflies
3 Poppies 
175 Carrots
Open flowers so that you can move the bull across to the right side of the screen. You do NOT need to collect the normal flowers but you do need to move them because otherwise they are in the ways of the fireflies which you do need to collect.
The best way to get the poppies, move the bull right first to hit the flower on the right and the bull will stop. Move the bull down to the bottom of the screen. Move him up to hit the highest poppy. Then left to get the poppy on the left. Make sure the flower on the right side is gone or when you take the bull back it will stop it going where you need. You need the bull to be stopped by the edge of the board so that it lines up with the final poppy which you can then collect.
As you are doing all this, clear the remaining flowers so you can remove the fireflies, then once the sheep can escape, move him over to the hay. Try to save at least one shovel for this as its very frustrating to get him over and a crop is in the way and no shovels are left.
Falling crops will make points on carrots.

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