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Level 1381

21 Moves 19 Oysters 85 Water drops 85 Strawberries This level needs you to make matches next to as many oysters as you can, while also being next to the water buckets. You need to cascade the crops, whether you need the crops or not as it will add points to the crops you do need. The cascading crops should hopefully also hit buckets for you. The problem with oysters is it needs two moves, one after the other to open one and it doesn't always make it easy for you so you will probably need to keep replaying until the board works and takes pity on you.

Level 1380

29 Moves (until they change it again) 2 Spiders 160 Strawberries 160 Carrots 8 Flowers Firstly, there are 10 flowers on the board but you only need 8 of them. (a fact I forgot in between writing the tips and actually passing the level to video it) You need to cascade crops again (that seems to be all I am writing these days) in order to break webs, open flowers and remove the spiders. Plus it gives you vital added points on crops. If you don't do anything in the first 3 moves, quit and start again. You don't have any moves to waste.

Level 1379

16 Moves 1 Poppy  120 Carrots 120 Strawberries You do not need to remove the fireflies for any other reason but they stop the bull from being able to hit the poppy, so the best thing to do is get them out of the way and move the bull. Most points will be made on the grass, but you need to have rows of crops cascading to get enough points to pass the level.

Level 1378

25 Moves 33 Flowers 1 Sheep 30 Firecrackers 130 Strawberries You do need to collect a huge amount of flowers this time, but you do not need to collect every single one. Set off as many firecrackers as you can. You do need to collect 30 but they will also help open flowers for you. You need to do this in as few moves as possible so that you can save moves for moving sheep and collecting crops and opening the rest of the needed flowers. Save shovels for when you move the sheep across because you only get one square of hay and it can be hard to get the sheep onto it especially when its on the edge of the board.

Level 1377

23 Moves 1 Sheep 3 Fireflies 3 Poppies  175 Carrots Open flowers so that you can move the bull across to the right side of the screen. You do NOT need to collect the normal flowers but you do need to move them because otherwise they are in the ways of the fireflies which you do need to collect. The best way to get the poppies, move the bull right first to hit the flower on the right and the bull will stop. Move the bull down to the bottom of the screen. Move him up to hit the highest poppy. Then left to get the poppy on the left. Make sure the flower on the right side is gone or when you take the bull back it will stop it going where you need. You need the bull to be stopped by the edge of the board so that it lines up with the final poppy which you can then collect. As you are doing all this, clear the remaining flowers so you can remove the fireflies, then once the sheep can escape, move him over to the hay. Try to save at least one shovel for this as its very frustrating to g

Level 1376

27 Moves (changed) 1 Spider 4 Flowers 150 Carrots 150 Water drops Remember one star is a pass. It can be done without boosters, just takes longer and I was sat on this for weeks thinking I would never do it. The key is to make as many crops cascade as you can, even if they are not needed crops as they will add points to the others. Cascading a lot means broken webs, open flowers and moved spiders as well as points and making rows on the grass too helps. video coming