Level 1369

25 Moves (changed)
1 Spider
40 Apples
40 Strawberries
50 Water drops
Break the webs, remove the spider to the spare net then off the board completely.
Ignore the bottom half of the board! Its pretty easy to get around without touching it much.
Make a few sections of grass on the top half and keep making rows of your needed crops up there. You get water drops falling anyway.
Make crops cascade and you will soon have bonus points on the crops meaning you can complete the level.


  1. level changed you got slime at the top of the board only 1 line of slime instead of 3 lines of slime you need 1 spider 40 strawberries,40 apples and 50 water drops within 25 moves aslo you can,t use your companions in this level

    1. Thanks Paul, I notified King as the lack of companions was an error :)


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