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Level 1375

13 Moves 1 Spider 2 Sheep 150 Carrots 150 Strawberries This is where cascading crops and luck makes all the difference! Its hard to move the sheep over even without the spider, due to the gaps in the logs and the un co-operating crops. I actually had more luck with a producer companion than I did the breaker. Wish I had tried that days ago! Set crops to cascade as that is the only way to pass this level, see the video to see what I mean.

Level 1374

15 Moves 6 Flowers 30 Mushrooms 300 Carrots 300 Water drops Match your crops so that they break the ice and open flowers. You only need 10 mushrooms, so you should be able to get those made at the same time. Then you need falling crops, combinations and rows of +5 to gather all the crops.

Level 1373

13 Moves 2 Spiders 2 Poppies 8 Flowers 185 Strawberries The grower companion can help open flowers. Open as many flowers as you can so that you remove the spiders. break the web so that you have a clear path for the bulls to move across to hit the poppies. Make crops cascade so that you can collect enough strawberries video coming

Level 1372 **Rancid**

15 moves and now 800 crops to defeat Rancid. You have the tiniest patch of grass, but don't need to remove spiders or flowers. But if you do move the spider from the first nest into the second, he will at least stop grumpy crops falling down..well..until you accidentally break webs. You need to cascade crops and hope the crops on logs co-operate. The Video uses shovels and a tractor booster. I HATED THAT. We have no choice. I can spend the next 6 months trying to make a video that is impossible to make or give you one using a free booster. I feel so ashamed too for that as its not a first class video but chances are they will (hopefully) change it again.

Level 1371

Concentrate on removing weeds by laying crops against them to match up. Once your bulls are free you can remove the poppies. You only need 4 poppies. As crops cascade they should open the flowers and get the required suns.

Level 1370

17 Moves (level changed) 1 Spider 50 Strawberries 50 Carrots On this level the webs are making it harder to get to the spider. When it turns and the crops are next to the spider, if you can make a row using the crop touching him, its a good idea to break that webbed crop first, so once you make the row, it just moves him on to the next one. Otherwise you need to wait until it all lines up again and it takes ages sometimes. I used the breaker companion this time which helped a little..mainly because I forgot to switch it off. Line crops up so as the crops on the logs rotate, they make a row with the crops on the board itself. Cascading crops, +5 rows and you will have the numbers you need.

Level 1369

25 Moves (changed) 1 Spider 40 Apples 40 Strawberries 50 Water drops Break the webs, remove the spider to the spare net then off the board completely. Ignore the bottom half of the board! Its pretty easy to get around without touching it much. Make a few sections of grass on the top half and keep making rows of your needed crops up there. You get water drops falling anyway. Make crops cascade and you will soon have bonus points on the crops meaning you can complete the level.

Level 1368

18 Moves 6 Dragons 22 Firecrackers 40 Strawberries 40 Water drops Use companions. Make as many moves next to firecrackers as you can. They finally removed some crops from this requirement and it made it easier. Still tricky though but at least now its possible.  Use your shovels to drop crops or eggs into better places. 

Level 1367

17 Moves 5 Oysters 13 Flowers 75 Carrots 75 Strawberries Make crops fall and fall and try to start at the bottom to encourage it, they need to cascade down so open flowers for you. Try to make longer crop rows against the flowers and avoid the grumpies.

Level 1366

15 Moves (changed level) 1 Black Sheep 2 Poppies 8 Flowers 250 Carrots Clear the flowers to move the bulls along their rows to get to the poppies. Move the sheep up as soon as it has a clear run and make the crops fall to gain extra points. You need to make the crops cascade down to open flowers so that they are continually making rows, and the same with the carrots as you need many many points on since they changed the level.  Use shovels carefully where you can make a row by moving a crop out of the way. 

Level 1365

15 Moves 1 Flower 22 Mushrooms 75 Apples 40 Water drops Move the spiders out of the way. You don't need them to pass but they are both sitting on the grass and you need that grass for points. Also, one of the spiders will jump to the upper nest and then it will stop the grumpy crops falling down. While moving the spiders, hopefully your flower will open. You need to move the flower or the bomb crops will not fall down, so move them quickly. Once they are out of the way, keep making as many matches as you can next to your mushrooms, to make them re-produce, while gaining points on the other crops.