Level 1361

22 Moves (revised)
80 Strawberries
3 Flowers
80 Carrots
80 Onions
Finally and thankfully they changed it! Proof they will listen if enough people complain.
Start by making matches next to your water buckets to get the water leaping out so you can swap it with the flower seeds and germinate them.
Once that is done, or even while doing it, you need to cascade crops down so that they add more and more points on for you. The more points, the less crops you need to collect.
I used a companion in my video, its up to you if you do, sometimes the boards just lay themselves out better if you do.


  1. and now they make 200 strawwberries carrots & onions. I give up They are crazy

  2. Pls, change the level 1361, it's impossible!!!

    1. @mayagraphics I agree!!!! you need to google farm heroes support and tell them as we are not related to King in any way, but we have emailed and given them our views. If we cannot do it and I try very hard to complete all levels without using boosters even if it takes me longer, it cannot be done. The more that complain, the more likely they will change it :)

  3. Replies
    1. I would if I could but I do not have access to Kings programming. You need to google "Farm Heroes Support" and complain to King directly :)

  4. Everyone's right, 200 of each cropsie AND 6 flowers with 20 moves!! I think they did it so they wouldn't have to create any more levels...

  5. king always change their move an target,from level 1200 so we must paid and paid for goldbars and boosters, i think its time to play another game...

  6. Thank goodness I'm lagging behind you all, I've got a chance of doing it now :)


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