Level 1352

15 Moves
1 Spider
9 Flowers
200 Apples
200 Strawberries
Freeing the spider is tricky on this level but can be done with patience. (and maybe a grower companion)
You can make some of the flowers open without moving the spider to begin with but its harder. I would suggest making rows wherever you can that will help you do something. Whether its opening flowers or breaking rows. 
Of course, once the spider moves, he has two more nests to jump into which mean that you cannot waste a lot of moves moving him from his first home or you run out!
Cascading crops will help open things for you and save you moves too.

This level has again been changed. Video coming when they make it possible to change.


  1. Niveau très difficile..on fait beaucoup de points mais il manque toujours soit l.araignee, soit des fleurs


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