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Level 1364

15 Moves 25 Oysters 75 Apples 75 Suns 75 Water drops Make as many rows as you can next to the oysters. Make them in between, above, below, anyway that you can open more than one at a time. I know that they are a pain because you then have to make another move next to them or they close again, but this is the best way. Encourage crops to cascade down, adding points to crops but also opening oysters too for you.

Level 1363

15 Moves (changed) 3 Poppies 190 Apples 190 Carrots 190 Onions Move the bull up so it hits the first webbed crop. Then to the left to get the poppy. You don't need to remove the spider but he will get in the way if you don't, the same for his crops. Once you have the first poppy out the way, move it straight up then right to get poppy number two, then left to get the third. As you are moving all this, make crops cascade to get higher numbers on crops and they also will match themselves, saving you moves.

Level 1362

26 Moves (revised) Crops decreased since too.  4 Chicks 10 Flowers 180 Carrots 180 Suns Keep moving the chicken around to lay plenty of eggs and make crops cascade over and over to get points on. Make rows in between the flowers as many times as possible to save moves. Use a shovel to crack eggs if needed.

Level 1361

22 Moves (revised) 80 Strawberries 3 Flowers 80 Carrots 80 Onions Finally and thankfully they changed it! Proof they will listen if enough people complain. Start by making matches next to your water buckets to get the water leaping out so you can swap it with the flower seeds and germinate them. Once that is done, or even while doing it, you need to cascade crops down so that they add more and more points on for you. The more points, the less crops you need to collect. I used a companion in my video, its up to you if you do, sometimes the boards just lay themselves out better if you do.

Level 1359

Start with removing the webs. Crops on logs will rotate and hopefully break webs for you. You will need to move the sheep through where the webbed crops were so its important to break them earlier on. You need 25 firecrackers so make rows next to them as quickly as possible, because until you do, more will not fall.

Level 1360

16 Moves 75 Strawberries 175 Carrots 4 poppies 8 Flowers This level has been changed a little. We now have flowers but its easier to get the poppies.  Swap the drops to move the bull down. The match is ready for you so don't ignore it even if you could get better matches elsewhere to open flowers etc.  Move left for that poppy. Then once flowers are out of the way, up, to the right, down, right then up again. Use the edges of the board to help you and if you are confused, watch the video :)

Level 1358

20 Moves 4 Sheep 185 Apples 185 Strawberries You do not need to get the fireflies but they are sat on hay, so if you do remove them, at least you get two extra hay squares. Use the crops on the logs as they move around to open flowers and make a row to move your sheep. you will probably have to move them around a little to get to them. video coming soon since level changed

Level 1357

22 Moves (revised) 55 Carrots 25 Onions 25 Suns 6 Dragons The level has been changed.Got 2 more moves and reduced crop count, and the grumpy eggs are gone! This is a better level than before. Keep making matches next to the eggs too get the points up on the crops. Use the super fruits wisely and use them in the main part of the board to get the eggs opened and the value of crops increased. We need 6 eggs so keep an eye on the amount you have, and you should get through the level!

Level 1356 **Rancid**

15 Moves we need to throw 1000 Apples, Carrots, Onions and Strawberries at Rancid and this level has been made so hard!! The spiders are sat on the grass and they need to be moved up to the higher nests. We DO NOT need to remove them, but if they sit in the upper nests then they will web the slime and hopefully less grumpy crops will fall. Make as many matches as you can on the grass and use combinations and you will soon pass the level. video coming eventually

Level 1355

10 Moves 1 Poppy 1 Dragon 160 Onions 160 Strawberries Whatever you do, don't let a snowball drop down from its starting place and move the bull across. Because if you do that, it will come back and instead of hitting the poppy, will be stopped by the snowball. You need to make sure that if there are any snowballs between the bull and poppy (once the bull has been moved to the left) that it has gone by the time it has moved over to hit the poppy. Once the poppy is out of the way the eggs will fall down and make their own row. Then you need to make cascading crops, combinations and rows of +5 to get the crops.

Level 1354

25 Moves 120 Onions 120 Carrots 120 Water drops 4 Chicks The only way to pass this level is to keep making your matched crops up next to your chickens on every move, to encourage them to lay lots and lots of eggs as you need to make 5 chicks. Use rows of 5 crops and combinations for extra points and make as many larger rows that will move both chickens at once.

Level 1353

15 Moves  3 Poppies 3 Flowers 200 Apples  (changed) 200 Strawberries (changed) Keep the bulls in the rows they are in now but you might just find you have to keep moving them backwards and forwards to get the flowers opened. Make many combinations and try to position crops so you can move the bulls at the same time to save a move. Make the crops fall to gain points.

Level 1352

15 Moves 1 Spider 9 Flowers 200 Apples 200 Strawberries Freeing the spider is tricky on this level but can be done with patience. (and maybe a grower companion) You can make some of the flowers open without moving the spider to begin with but its harder. I would suggest making rows wherever you can that will help you do something. Whether its opening flowers or breaking rows.  Of course, once the spider moves, he has two more nests to jump into which mean that you cannot waste a lot of moves moving him from his first home or you run out! Cascading crops will help open things for you and save you moves too. This level has again been changed. Video coming when they make it possible to change.

Level 1351

20 Moves (revised) 65 Water drops 65 Suns 65 Strawberries 65 Carrots Changed again, to more realistic crop counts! Make water jump over towards the seeds but it must land on a piece of grass or else it will turn grumpy and be useless. You need to make a few patches of grass together to stop rows being spoilt by the slime. Also once the seeds have moved down, hopefully water will jump up and break the iced water so you get crops falling where they should be. Once they are clear and you have grass, make crops cascade down for points while constantly making rows next to the water buckets for the water. If you haven't done anything significant in the first 3 moves, quit and start again.

Level 1350

20 Moves 2 White Sheep 2 Black Sheep 140 Carrots 140 Onions The only purpose the flowers are on this level is to hide the hay so that the sheep cannot get to it, which means we need to move them anyway or no freed sheep! Once the hay is clear we need to move the sheep up to it. The white sheep should always move before the black one if you move both at the same time.  Wait for the crops to rotate around on the logs as well, you need a lot of cascading crops to make your crop count.

Level 1349

20 Moves 4 Flowers 110 Carrots 110 Onions 60 Water drops Grow your own flowers this time so make many rows around your water bucket to encourage water production so you can sprout a flower. You do not need to collect the firecrackers this time but they are always handy for gathering crops for you. Keep matching crops on the grass for extra points. Its a long one but will give you the idea!

Level 1348

17 Moves 11 Firecrackers 60 Carrots 60 Suns 12 Flowers Keep making rows next to the firecrackers at the same time as the flowers where possible. Ignore the slime for now, because even grumpies will open flowers. Do this in as few moves as you can as you will need more moves for collecting crops on the grass.

Level 1347

20 Moves 35 Apples 35 Carrots 35 Onions 35 Strawberries This time don't immediately concentrate on the crop gathering. You need to make water and quickly, so that it splashes over to between the lower row of water drops, hopefully landing in the middle and making a row of 5 drops. Which by now, you know will remove all the water on the board (yay) Then match as many of your crops on the grass as you can as that will add extra moves meaning you have plenty left to gather all you need.

Level 1346

12 Moves 6 Fireflies 185 Apples 185 Carrots 185 Onions **new edit** The level was made easier again! It can be played without using a single shovel with a little patience. Start opening your fireflies at the bottom of the screen. There is a good chance that more will fall down and close them again, but if you start with the top ones you have no chance.  Then work upwards.  Be careful with any +5 moves in case it matches crops and makes your flies close again (grrr) Once they are removed you can make as many special combinations as you can for the crop count.