Level 92

25 Moves
2 Chicks
35 Water drops
42 Strawberries
42 Onions
Well we seem to get some free boosters on this level. The super fruit which removes all crops surrounding it (one layer) and adds 2 points to each crop too. And the tractor booster that removes 3 rows each time activated. That one is quite handy as it removes all crops from 3 rows meaning you are going to get more crops falling than just one or two new ones.
As always make rows on the grass for your extra points. Unfortunately this might be where your boosters are so they get in the way.
There are some grumpy crops as well so another good reason to match them on the grass as it will clean them for you.
One good thing about the superfruit booster, it also cracks eggs which comes in rather handy.


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