Level 71

18 Moves (level changed)
20 Carrots
30 Strawberries
25 Water drops
35 Suns

Meet the grumpies!

These are unhappy crops that try to make all other crops miserable. If you match up a row of crops, even if you only have one miserable crop in the row, it will make them all unhappy! Even worse, although the row will be taken away, it will not count towards your gathered crops. The only advantage of them is in the future, you will use them to help open flowers and break ice etc.

On this board we have two air drop boosters. The idea is that you break the ice and swap the booster with whichever crop you want more of. Then Amelia comes flying by and drops 6 of the chosen crops.

You don't need to do this.

What you do need to do, is try and make as many rows as you can that do not include the miserable crops and make new crops fall several times which will add points onto your remaining crops.

That way you soon have enough :)


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