Level 1343

15 Moves (WHAT!!! THEY TOOK 8!!!)
120 Apples
50 Carrots
120 Onions
Two frogs on the board, lots and lots of bombs that luckily the frogs will eat. Really, you need to set the frogs hopping around as early as possible so you have more time. The more bombs you have, as you know, the lower the time gets and then boom, you lose most of your hard earned crops.
Don't worry too much if some do go off, it can't always be helped and if you use the usual combinations etc, you will gain the crops back.
Patches of grass here too to give us extra points on crops.



  1. Wont be playing anymore after this, its so mean to take 8 moves, have spent a lot on gold no more, this level is impossible without using gold for moves. Desperate king for money they can go take a hike.

  2. Please upload your video, this level is impossible


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