Level 1341 **Rancid**

20 Moves because this level wasn't hard enough to start with...to  get Rancid the raccoon. We need 180  210 Apples, carrots or onions. 
You are scratching your head now and wondering how you can pass this level, I know because I did too.
You have so much slime in front of the seeds so that you cannot just swap with a water drop and grow grass. How you get them is by seeing which crops can be matched up by moving your seed over, then your seed sits in the slime and you just need a good water drop to swap it with.
You do not need to make both sides of the board grass, pick an area, try to get a large space that covers the slime  and then as crops fall you will defeat Rancid.
If you are sat there and 10 moves in still haven't managed to get a grass seed moved, my advice would be to quit and start again as you won't have enough moves left to at least get two stars for an unlock.


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