Level 1339

22 Moves (Changed Level)
2 Chicks
175 Apples
175 Carrots
175 Strawberries
The chickens are at the bottom smiling nicely because they think they are safe but they haven't counted on us using the firecrackers to disturb them. Make as many rows as you can next to them and if all else fails, hit the chicken on top of the head with a shovel. Try to keep your shovels if you can though as they can come in handy if you haven't got enough cracked eggs.
make crops fall, match 5 in a row and use combinations. Take as many crops as you can with careful planning on each move and once the chicken is up, keep moving him around the board.



  1. your at the mercy of the fire crackers, have games where get heaps of crops and fire crackers don't hit the chics, its a frustrating game, when the crackers hit the chics they get in the way, frustrating game.


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