Level 1337

17 Moves
120 Apples
120 Carrots
120 Onions
120 Strawberries
I did not enjoy this level at all, I found it really boring :( And so because of the fact it was boring, they took away moves to make it harder.
Some of the crops are just on grass, some of them are on grassy logs and too many of them sit in slime.
You need to use the super fruit boosters to get anywhere as many times as you can, but you need to use them at the right time. When you have extra points on, use it then, the more points the better as the booster will also add more on for you as well.
Watch the crops, see if you can see a pattern to the logs and make sure you grab any that fall in a good place, or have extra points on. Shovels can be useful for this.



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