Level 1335

20 Moves
2 Spiders
2 Chicks
225 Carrots
225 Strawberries
At the moment this is the level that is marked as hard, but not as hard as some of the other levels I thought.
You make the chicks on either side of the screen by freeing the spiders from their nests, meaning you can get to the coloured frogs. The Green frog eats apples and the blue one eats water drops so that is what they will do. Once freed they will hop up to the upper part of the board and slurp the crops away meaning the eggs will drop and your chick is made.
Of course its not as easy as that as you have to get past all the webbed crops. Lots of cascading here will help open them if they match up into a row as they fall you can have webs broken all by themselves.
Once the webs are clear, matching on the grass will also gain you extra points.



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