Level 1324

19 Moves
75 Strawberries
50 Onions
25 Carrots
125 Water drops
Firstly. lets address the lone flower. Does it serve a purpose? We really do not know. All it seems to do is hold back the boosters until the logs move along anyway which bypass it.
Use the water filler companion. Make as many rows next to the water buckets as you can while gathering your crops.
You need combinations and a lot of points on your crops as you match them up.
Get them cascading for extra points and make as much water as you can.
Once the boosters move along, wait until they get near the crops with the higher points and them swap them over, so they add extra points to all the crops around them.
The onions and carrots are not too hard to get, strawberries a little harder, so make use of those boosters! You cannot use them all, but they clear a fair amount of crops meaning more will fall down for you.


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