Level 1323

14 Moves
1 Poppy
15 Apples
30 Water drops
30 Carrots
You will maybe look at this board and wonder why so many bulls. I know, because I did.
You DO NOT need to remove the fireflies as part of the level requirements, and you could possible use one of those bulls to go the long way around and hit the poppy flower but you don't have enough moves.
The logical way would be to move the bull straight up but that is not going to work either because of the ice patch. Yes its got ice over it. And its a snowball under it. Breaking the snowball will not help because as soon as you do, it just re-freezes over again, so when the bull goes up towards the poppy, BANG! into the snowball and stops. The snowball breaks, re-freezes, back to square one. 
So the reality is its the final bull that will get your poppy. Move it up so that it hits the flower above it and stops. Remove the fireflies, then move it over to the poppy. Job done!
At least for that part anyway. Water drops fall in good supply, apples not so much. One is always hiding under the ice, so breaking that and removing it from the freezing square would be beneficial. You need to add points to every apple crop you can to get the 15 you need before you match them up.


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