Level 1319

16 Moves (Revised)
4 Fireflies
3 Black Sheep
80 Apples
80 Strawberries
This is so frustrating! You basically need to light all 4 fireflies so that they fly away before you can do much else. you cannot lead sheep to the hay before doing that because they are all sat on it. And even more infuriating, as many times as you almost light all of the flies, one stupid crop falling in the wrong place, turns half of them off again. So all you can do is keep trying.
Match a row of crops between the sheep so that you can lead them up and towards the grass and cross your fingers and toes that the crops will land in the right place to lead them to the hay.
The only good thing is by the time you have done all that, you have probably got your crops. If you do not run out of moves first!

**Edit** Requirements on crops have been lowered from 150 each to 80 each :)


  1. Your comments and videos really help a lot, with this one I find getting the crops the hardest.


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