Level 1317

10 Moves
3 Water drops
8 Flowers
135 Strawberries
Use the grower companion if you have enough beans. You don't have to but it saves worrying about how to open all the flowers.
The strawberries are nice and simple to get, as always, collect the ones with points on.
The water drops are a little trickier, you need 3 and they are in two groups of two. Once the flowers are out of the way, one will drop onto the row, as it moves along it will match up with the other two meaning you have got all 3 :)

**Edit** BOO on King! they added 85 more strawberries for us to get :(


  1. I don't have the grower companion, so how can I complete this level? It's impossible, there aren't enough moves!

  2. This is probably the level where I throw in the towel for good. This cannot be done

    1. Aw no, it can be done, you will get a good board. Take a break for a little while and come back to it :)


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