Level 1315

17 Moves
2 Poppies 
70 Carrots
70 Strawberries
70 Suns
Different ways to get the bull.
1) Break the webbed crop under him, move the bull down. Leave the webbed crop on the bottom row as you will move the bull along to it, the web will stop his movements then you can move him straight up.
2) Down to the first webbed crop, remove the webs from around the spider, move the bull right to hit the spider, then you are in line for the poppy.
3)Go the long way around. Down to the bottom of the board, right to the side, then up and then left.
Any of the ways are effective and don't waste a lot of moves as you can gather crops while waiting for them to be the right ones you need to move the bull. Well...until they take some moves away as they usually do.
Cascade crops and you will get all you need :)


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