Level 1313

25 Moves
45 Water drops
7 Flowers
45 Apples
45 Carrots
Replay this level many times and you will get a decent score. It also helps if you use companions too, I used a filler in my video.
You need to make rows next to the buckets to get the water onto the board so that it will (hopefully) reach your seeds and you can grow flowers.
You ONLY EVER get TWO seeds on the board, so when you have activated one seed, try to make a row on the main board, not by the buckets so the new seed falls into the better area. At the same point, you won't get any more seeds until you have used at least one.
The water is the hardest part to get so try and activate 7 seeds then keep making rows by the water so that it floods your board adding extra points to all crops.


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