Level 1312

26 Moves (level changed)
130 Water drops
3 Dragons
10 Firecrackers
130 Carrots
Here I would advise using the breaker companion if you have it. You will only use it once, once activated but there is a good reason for that.
You see those pretty boosters sat under the ice? They are really cool and normally you have to buy them, but we have been given them free this time.
Once activated the companion will break the ice, and then is un-usable again, but that's ok. The ice is broken and the boosters will fall.
So how do they work? Simply. Swap them with a crop and they add +2 points to every crop they remove in a square around them (one layer thick) but something I didn't know until I played this level....they also do other things too! In this game, if you have eggs near them when you use them, they can crack them (if they are ready for cracking) and if you include firecrackers in their area, they light the fuse! isn't that neat!!!
So get freeing that companion because its pretty simple to get the carrots and water drops and knowing the handy booster trick will get the dragons made speedily :) The video uses the igniter companion. 


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