Level 1311 **Rancid**

15 Moves
We need to collect 350 (King changed the level again) Suns, Carrots, Water drops and Strawberries but most of them are grumpy crops. The more crops that fall down, the more clean crops we will have as they won't have sat on the grumpy slime.  
Use as many shovels as you can get, and make water to try and get some areas of grass hopefully over the slime, to make extra points and clean crops.


  1. boring,boring,boring, can't get this, so fed up after hundreds of games, get real king and quit changing you will lose more players.

    1. Come on Kat B. You can do this, you know it! I get its hard...you need to email either King, or post on King care where they will see if even if they don't answer and then hopefully they will change it. But I love seeing your comments because I know you love the game...and no matter how many times you say you are going, you don't. Keep at it, you CAN do it!


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