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Level 1345

25 Moves 4 Poppies 8 Flowers 110 Carrots 110 Strawberries The poppies are encased in ice, which you can break with the bulls.  Use combination rows, using as many crops as possible to open the flowers. Move the bulls across together if you can so that they break ice/hit poppies as a pair, by doing that you would be saving a move. If you can do this more than once, then you have more moves for gathering crops.

Level 1344

20 Moves 3 Sheep 4 Fireflies 200 Apples 200 Onions Hay is protected by the fireflies sitting on them, moving around on their logs. You need to wait until the crops are in line with them to get them lit and flying away. Writing the tips, I only just realised this level has two flowers on you don't even need to open. I wonder how many moves I wasted doing that! Once the hay is clear, lead the sheep home and concentrate on making endless falling crops. This level is marked as hard so don't expect to do it so quick. VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1343

15 Moves (WHAT!!! THEY TOOK 8!!!) 120 Apples 50 Carrots 120 Onions Two frogs on the board, lots and lots of bombs that luckily the frogs will eat. Really, you need to set the frogs hopping around as early as possible so you have more time. The more bombs you have, as you know, the lower the time gets and then boom, you lose most of your hard earned crops. Don't worry too much if some do go off, it can't always be helped and if you use the usual combinations etc, you will gain the crops back. Patches of grass here too to give us extra points on crops. VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1342

22 Moves 2 Black Sheep 100 Apples 100 Onions 40 Water drops Break the ice and keep making a lot of rows around the water buckets to get water flowing, and landing near the hay seeds. You must make your own hay and its not going to be easy. You only have two sheep so need a minimum of two, but don't make all the seeds grow as that just wastes moves. Its easy to get the crops really, as they keep falling and the points build up. The harder part will be getting your hay where its a good place for the sheep and the sheep to go towards that hay instead of wandering backwards and forwards like its lost. VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1341 **Rancid**

20 Moves because this level wasn't hard enough to start  get Rancid the raccoon. We need 180   210 Apples, carrots or onions.  You are scratching your head now and wondering how you can pass this level, I know because I did too. You have so much slime in front of the seeds so that you cannot just swap with a water drop and grow grass. How you get them is by seeing which crops can be matched up by moving your seed over, then your seed sits in the slime and you just need a good water drop to swap it with. You do not need to make both sides of the board grass, pick an area, try to get a large space that covers the slime  and then as crops fall you will defeat Rancid. If you are sat there and 10 moves in still haven't managed to get a grass seed moved, my advice would be to quit and start again as you won't have enough moves left to at least get two stars for an unlock.

Level 1340

23 Moves (made harder) 60 Water drops 8 Flowers 150 Carrots 150 Strawberries The frogs are a pain as they keep drinking the water! Try to make rows around the barrel without disturbing them. The flowers will float around the board on their logs and you should get some water splashing across to make the flower grow. There are 8 seeds but you only need 6, which means you don't have to germinate them all! Falling crops get your points, try to make rows of needed crops, above, below, and next to more than one flower wherever you can. VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1339

22 Moves (Changed Level) 2 Chicks 175 Apples 175 Carrots 175 Strawberries The chickens are at the bottom smiling nicely because they think they are safe but they haven't counted on us using the firecrackers to disturb them. Make as many rows as you can next to them and if all else fails, hit the chicken on top of the head with a shovel. Try to keep your shovels if you can though as they can come in handy if you haven't got enough cracked eggs. make crops fall, match 5 in a row and use combinations. Take as many crops as you can with careful planning on each move and once the chicken is up, keep moving him around the board. VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1338

17 Moves (changed again) 2 Spiders 50 Mushrooms 100 Apples 100 Carrots This one is a lot easier than the previous one, so don't be surprised if you come back to find them switched around as this is supposed to be the harder one.  **Edit they did :( But then they added moves and reduced crops twice since I first wrote the guide! As the crops move around on the logs, use them to break the spiders web. If you can get a mushroom falling onto a log as well, even better as the mushrooms are under webs too sitting in front of the spider. If you cannot match them up, use a shovel to break the web. You will need cascading crops as always, match on grass where you can using combinations but keep making rows next to the mushrooms to get them to spread. VIDEO COMING

Level 1337

17 Moves 120 Apples 120 Carrots 120 Onions 120 Strawberries I did not enjoy this level at all, I found it really boring :( And so because of the fact it was boring, they took away moves to make it harder. Some of the crops are just on grass, some of them are on grassy logs and too many of them sit in slime. You need to use the super fruit boosters to get anywhere as many times as you can, but you need to use them at the right time. When you have extra points on, use it then, the more points the better as the booster will also add more on for you as well. Watch the crops, see if you can see a pattern to the logs and make sure you grab any that fall in a good place, or have extra points on. Shovels can be useful for this. VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1336

26 Moves 12 Black Sheep 90 Carrots 90 Onions The unfortunate thing about this level is the sheep are all black and that makes our job trickier. As you know, you cannot get more than one black sheep on a hay square because the first one to land will eat it. On top of that you have falling snowballs but don't worry, you can beat this level. Even if it means you moving a second sheep at the same time, try to move as many sheep as you can onto the main board. Once on the board they will stop moving around as they will be off the logs so it will be a case of moving them to the hay by providing the right matches. Those snowballs get in the way though so try not to let too many fall and stop you. VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1335

20 Moves 2 Spiders 2 Chicks 225 Carrots 225 Strawberries At the moment this is the level that is marked as hard, but not as hard as some of the other levels I thought. You make the chicks on either side of the screen by freeing the spiders from their nests, meaning you can get to the coloured frogs. The Green frog eats apples and the blue one eats water drops so that is what they will do. Once freed they will hop up to the upper part of the board and slurp the crops away meaning the eggs will drop and your chick is made. Of course its not as easy as that as you have to get past all the webbed crops. Lots of cascading here will help open them if they match up into a row as they fall you can have webs broken all by themselves. Once the webs are clear, matching on the grass will also gain you extra points. VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1334

20 Moves 5 Flowers 50 Apples 50 Carrots 50 Suns We need to make the flowers ourselves, so a good idea is to try not to allow too many snowballs to fall down, otherwise it gets harder as you run out of space. There is a row of slime at the bottom but unless you make vertical rows they won't get in the way. Try to avoid it as much as possible unless you want to break some snowballs then it doesn't matter how happy the crop is. VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1333

19 Moves 2 Sheep 1 Chick 8 Flowers 100 Carrots Your chickens are sat on hay as you can see, surrounded by flowers which are sat on logs. Make combinations and open as many flowers as you can on each move. You need to move the chickens so that you can take the chickens to the hay as well as make your new chick. You don't need quite so many crops but that doesn't mean it will be so easy as the flowers take a lot of moves.  The good thing about this level is the sheep are white and not black so you can sometimes move both at the same time.

Level 1331

Ignore the crop count for now. Concentrate on breaking the ice and moving the sheep up. Once the sheeep is out of the way then break remaining ice and try to make matches on the grass. You will find it tricky because of the ice so use the superfruit boosters on the board so that they can add points to your gatherings.

Level 1332

26 Moves (revised) 1 Black Sheep 25 Apples 25 Carrots 25 Strawberries A frustrating level. You need to break the ice quickly in as few moves as you can. They Hay is at the top and grass is at the bottom but there is lots of slimey goo in between. Use the unhappy crops to make matches to break the ice, and move your sheep up. Try to cascade crops so they have added points on them, then use the super fruit boosters to gather them. Don't be tempted to use them too early though or they won't have enough points on.

Level 85

9 Moves 12 Suns 20 Carrots 30 Apples 30 Water drops You need to get falling crops on this level so that you get all the points you need as you only have 9 moves! It is possible though, remember to match 5 crops to remove all that type, and combinations of L and T shapes also gain you extra points.

Level 84

30 Moves 26 Onions 26 Strawberries 26 Suns 26 Water drops The only way you will complete this level is by making as much water as you can. Not only will some land on grumpy water and change them (hopefully) but the more water that jumps out the more chance you have of it making a row itself, cleaning the board allowing more crops to fall. Use shovels to remove grumpy crops out of the way to leave clean ones behind,

Level 83 **Farm Club**

20 Moves 32 Carrots 32 Apples Lots of grumpy crops here. All you can do is keep making rows until you get some clean ones together and snap them up quick. You can use shovels too to remove a grumpy one out of the way to get to the clean ones. This is a farm club level but using shovels if you need to, you should still get all 3 animals.

Level 82

20 Moves 21 Apples 21 Onions 21 Strawberries 21 Suns We don't have so many crops to gather on this but we have two rows of ice to complicate matters so we have two choices. 1. keep matching the crops in the ice to break it ...or 2. Use shovels to break the ice, saving moves. Then make all your crops fall down to the grass and that is where you get extra points.

Level 81

18 Moves 60 Apples 60 Carrots 60 Onions 60 Suns I think this should have been labelled a hard level! You basically need to make all rows on the grass to cancel out the grumpy, but being careful not to make rows that include the grumpy ones! You need to plan moves very very carefully here.

Level 80

14 Moves 2 Chicks  20 Apples 20 Carrots 20 Suns Look at the line up of the suns. See the higher ones? They need moving down. See if you can make a vertical row underneath them to move them down to the lower ones, meaning you can move the crops and make a row of eggs. One chick got. Then repeat for the other side. Falling crops will add points on that you need. Make as many rows on grass wherever you can and always match the higher points crops first.

Level 79

27 Moves 8 Flowers 35 Apples 35 Strawberries 35 Suns Make long rows touching as many flowers as you can reach. This is better because it means you need less moves to open all 8 flowers. So make them above, below, next to, wherever is better. Once your flowers are open, make as many rows on the grass as you can for added points, meaning you will have to collect less crops.

Level 78 **Rancid**

20 Moves 81 strawberries, water drops, carrots and apples are needed to launch at Rancid. The only problem is more crops are grumpy this time, we have no grass and the rows are not easy to make. You can do this though. Take away as many grumpy crops as you can so that more new crops fall down giving you more chances of fresh healthy ones.

Level 77

18 Moves 60 Carrots 60 Strawberries 50 Suns  50 Water drops Its funny how you see better moves when you watch your videos back to write tips :P You need to make your rows on the grass.  Match 5 crops in a row to remove all those crops, very helpful this time! You need to cascade crops, so that as they fall, they match themselves and make T and L combinations too for extra points.

Level 76

12 Moves 30 Apples 30 Carrots 30 Strawberries Personally I think this is a harder level than the previous marked hard level.  You only have a small strip of grass and a lot of grumpy crops so you need to make as many of your matches as you can on the grass or you will lose your rows to the grumpies.

Level 75

22 Moves 71 Strawberries 71 Apples 71 Carrots You know any levels in red on the map are marked as hard levels. That means you don't need to despair if you don't pass it the first 50 times ;) Again the grumpy party is here, and even worse, we have an odd shaped board, but at least we have grass. Its just a matter of keeping making rows on the grass until complete.

Level 74

12 Moves 55 Apples 55 Onions 55 Carrots We need to have a lot of falling crops here, ones that fall down and make a row all by themselves. We do not have many moves but it is still possible to beat this, you just might need a little practice. Again we have grumpy crops but we also have grass, so make all your rows on the grass area, watching out for stray grumpies spoiling your fun! Use shovels if you need to, to remove stray grumpy crops.

Level 73

30 Moves 5 Chicks 60 Apples 60 Strawberries 60 Water drops No grumpies this time but we do have lots of iced crops. Plan moves carefully, see where you can break as many iced crops as you can in one move.  When its possible, make matches at the bottom of the board so that the crops have further to fall, they might break ice for you or make egg rows and crack eggs for you. Although we have 30 moves, we have a lot of eggs to crack, so get cracking! :)

Level 71

18 Moves (level changed) 20 Carrots 30 Strawberries 25 Water drops 35 Suns Meet the grumpies! These are unhappy crops that try to make all other crops miserable. If you match up a row of crops, even if you only have one miserable crop in the row, it will make them all unhappy! Even worse, although the row will be taken away, it will not count towards your gathered crops. The only advantage of them is in the future, you will use them to help open flowers and break ice etc. On this board we have two air drop boosters. The idea is that you break the ice and swap the booster with whichever crop you want more of. Then Amelia comes flying by and drops 6 of the chosen crops. You don't need to do this. What you do need to do, is try and make as many rows as you can that do not include the miserable crops and make new crops fall several times which will add points onto your remaining crops. That way you soon have enough :)

Level 100

32 Moves 8 Flowers 40 Onions 40 Strawberries 30 Water drops To get the water drops in this level you need to open the  flowers as they are blocking the way to the buckets. Make longer rows so that they open more than one at a time. The 32 moves sound a lot, but I usually find, the more moves, the harder the level so beware. You need combinations, T or L shapes for extra points, see if you can get 5 crops in a row and all the same type will be removed!

Level 99

I remember at the time this level was first released, how hard it was and how many of us were stuck here weeks. Its not only been changed to make it easier the whole level has been redone. You don't get so many apples, so match as soon as you have extra points on them.

Level 98

26 Moves 65 Water drops 65 Suns This level is not quite straight forward. We have no obstacles other than the grumpy crops whicg often seem to land in between the grass squares and make a row.  Use the grass to clean your crops and make them fall to get added points.

Level 97 **Rancid**

28 Moves We need to get 60 Water drops to drown Rancid this time. So the only thing you can keep doing is try to make ALL rows next to your water buckets, or as many as you can. If you can't do that, start at the bottom and then you will encourage crops to fall hopefully matching themselves.

Level 96

13 Moves 90 Onions 90 Apples 90 Carrots Such a small board! All crops that fall down are the ones you need to collect, so you must make them cascade down. See if you can set them up like a domino, one move makes another row and so on and on. Without it you won't get enough crops,

Level 95

30 Moves 8 Flowers 35 Water drops 80 Onions Open the flowers quickly. You cannot make water until you do. Any rows you can make on the grass are better as you get extra points. Once open make as many rows as you can next to your water buckets so that you get all your water splashing around to collect the amount you need.

Level 93

20 Moves 40 Apples 40 Carrots We have grumpy crops and only a few patches of grass to clean them on so plan your rows very very carefully this time. You don't want to make a nice neat row and have it spoilt by a sour face. You might need to use a shovel to remove a crop that is spoiling your planned moves. Combinations will gain your extra needed points meaning you do not have to collect so many crops.

Level 92

25 Moves 2 Chicks 35 Water drops 42 Strawberries 42 Onions Well we seem to get some free boosters on this level. The super fruit which removes all crops surrounding it (one layer) and adds 2 points to each crop too. And the tractor booster that removes 3 rows each time activated. That one is quite handy as it removes all crops from 3 rows meaning you are going to get more crops falling than just one or two new ones. As always make rows on the grass for your extra points. Unfortunately this might be where your boosters are so they get in the way. There are some grumpy crops as well so another good reason to match them on the grass as it will clean them for you. One good thing about the superfruit booster, it also cracks eggs which comes in rather handy.

Level 1330

18 Moves 8 Flowers 250 Strawberries The object of this level is to avoid opening the flowers and moving the frogs into hopping around the board, for as long as possible. Of course you cannot avoid it forever, but its ok as you will still get all your strawberries. You need to make combinations, rows of 5 strawberries and have cascading fruit to add points to pass this level. Once you have most of the strawberries it doesn't matter about opening the flowers if you haven't already. You have to get all 8 so don't forget them.

Level 1329

16 Moves 16 Flowers 100 Carrots 100 Strawberries 100 Suns Ideally on this level you start towards the bottom of the board, so that new crops keep falling down and down and opening flowers for you. Of course any companion will help you with this too ;) You need to make rows in between the flowers so that you open as many as possible each move. Sometimes I use a shovel to drop a better crop down, save a move but make a row too. Its all about the cascades adding points on your crops while opening the flowers. Since they changed it, this is the only way you will beat this level. level changed again, thanks for the heads up :(

Level 1328

20 Moves 18 Flowers 100 Carrots 100 Strawberries Sometimes these free boosters are quite handy but not in this level. I think if we didn't have them, we would have more success opening flowers as the boosters keep getting in the way! You need to make rows against as many flowers as you can each time to open as many as possible when you open them. If you don't you run out of moves so you also need to have crops falling down too. This is where the boosters get in the way as they sit in the way of the crops and all you can do is use them just to get rid of them. These levels are sure tricky!

Level 1327

18 Moves 6 Flowers 6 Oysters 10 Dragons  85 Apples This level relies heavily on falling crops and luck. The apples will all have to be collected on the grass as all none grass area is slime. Falling crops will add lots of points onto them. The flowers can be opened as you are making crops rows and the same for the oysters. The only problem with the oysters, you need to make another match once opened or they close again. The hardest part I found was the dragons. You need 10, so make as many falling rows as you can that include dropping eggs, which will hopefully fall into place and make a row for you with the other eggs waiting to be hatched. Finally, remember shovels crack eggs too.

Level 1326 **Rancid**

15 moves to gather 105 Water drops to beat Rancid. You need to have a lot of moves left, 12 moves left and I still only had one star!! They are really bad with points this time. Cascade crops so that they keep hitting your water bucket for you adding points on and see if you can get drops falling near your boosters so that you can make even more points. You don't need to open the flowers for any other reason but to allow you access to break the ice so that you can get the water down to the bottom side. **Edit** Moves changed from 21 to 15 :(

Level 1325

12 Moves 1 Poppy 7 Flowers 35 Apples 35 Onions Break the webs first, move the bull over while making matches next to flowers to open them. You will need to open the flower thats on the left, because once the bull is sat bottom left, you need to move him up, to the right where he will hit the wall and stop before moving him down to get the poppy. If you haven't removed it you can't do that bit :D You do not get enough moves to play about with, so consider each move carefully and make rows of as many needed crops as you can.

Level 1324

19 Moves 75 Strawberries 50 Onions 25 Carrots 125 Water drops Firstly. lets address the lone flower. Does it serve a purpose? We really do not know. All it seems to do is hold back the boosters until the logs move along anyway which bypass it. Use the water filler companion. Make as many rows next to the water buckets as you can while gathering your crops. You need combinations and a lot of points on your crops as you match them up. Get them cascading for extra points and make as much water as you can. Once the boosters move along, wait until they get near the crops with the higher points and them swap them over, so they add extra points to all the crops around them. The onions and carrots are not too hard to get, strawberries a little harder, so make use of those boosters! You cannot use them all, but they clear a fair amount of crops meaning more will fall down for you.

Level 1323

14 Moves 1 Poppy 15 Apples 30 Water drops 30 Carrots You will maybe look at this board and wonder why so many bulls. I know, because I did. You DO NOT need to remove the fireflies as part of the level requirements, and you could possible use one of those bulls to go the long way around and hit the poppy flower but you don't have enough moves. The logical way would be to move the bull straight up but that is not going to work either because of the ice patch. Yes its got ice over it. And its a snowball under it. Breaking the snowball will not help because as soon as you do, it just re-freezes over again, so when the bull goes up towards the poppy, BANG! into the snowball and stops. The snowball breaks, re-freezes, back to square one.  So the reality is its the final bull that will get your poppy. Move it up so that it hits the flower above it and stops. Remove the fireflies, then move it over to the poppy. Job done! At least for that part anyway. Water drops fall in good sup

Level 1322

Since the weeds were added this level has become super hard. I used a companion this time just to get past it but it can be done without if you have patience. There are 4 black sheep hiding but you only need to remove two so you only need to make two patches of hay. Try to make them on opposite sides of the board for easiness. I would recommend matching up at the bottom so that the crops fall down and hopefully start removing the weeds at the top. The filler companion made short work as it made me lots of water.

Level 1321

18 Moves 200 Water drops 200 Carrots 20 Firecrackers 10 Dragons Use crops on logs to make matches. The multi coloured rainbow crops will light firecrackers, crack eggs as well as remove crops, so use them when they are in the best position.  Ice will be cracked easily as you are matching crops up and I think you should do the dragons and firecrackers easily, you just need cascading crops for extra points. 

Level 1320

17 Moves 5 Chicks 125 Carrots 60 Firecrackers 16 Flowers Personally I found the Shire horse companion helpful here as it helped to light the firecrackers we need. To begin, don't worry so much about the eggs. You need to concentrate on opening flowers so that you have room to move around the board, but more importantly, make your crop rows in between as many firecrackers as you can. You should find that your firecrackers crack eggs, and help open flowers for you. You should have no problems getting the carrots you need and more besides.

Level 1319

16 Moves (Revised) 4 Fireflies 3 Black Sheep 80 Apples 80 Strawberries This is so frustrating! You basically need to light all 4 fireflies so that they fly away before you can do much else. you cannot lead sheep to the hay before doing that because they are all sat on it. And even more infuriating, as many times as you almost light all of the flies, one stupid crop falling in the wrong place, turns half of them off again. So all you can do is keep trying. Match a row of crops between the sheep so that you can lead them up and towards the grass and cross your fingers and toes that the crops will land in the right place to lead them to the hay. The only good thing is by the time you have done all that, you have probably got your crops. If you do not run out of moves first! **Edit** Requirements on crops have been lowered from 150 each to 80 each :)

Level 1318

20 Moves (revised) 100 Water drops 100 Suns 3 Spiders 7 Flowers Use the crops on the logs as they rotate, giving you the possibility to make rows.  You need to not only open the flowers., but also break webs to get to the spiders, so make rows in between all of these wherever you can. Make combination rows, L or T shapes for extra points and to get into the awkward corners. Starting towards the bottom of the board, means that you are more likely to have crops matching themselves up at the top as they fall, which can also help open flowers etc.

Level 1317

10 Moves 3 Water drops 8 Flowers 135 Strawberries Use the grower companion if you have enough beans. You don't have to but it saves worrying about how to open all the flowers. The strawberries are nice and simple to get, as always, collect the ones with points on. The water drops are a little trickier, you need 3 and they are in two groups of two. Once the flowers are out of the way, one will drop onto the row, as it moves along it will match up with the other two meaning you have got all 3 :) **Edit** BOO on King! they added 85 more strawberries for us to get :(

Level 1316

20 Moves (revised) 1 Spider 100 Strawberries 100 Apples 2 Sheep The spider is a little tricky as he has two empty nests, but the sheep are simple really. You need to move them onto the logs so that they move around the board, and when they get near the hay, move them across. The crops gathering is the easiest as you should get plenty.  You just need to keep breaking the webs so that you can move the spider along into his nests and then he will go. You don't even need companions here, and possibly, unless you like gaining stars and beating your friends, you don't even need a shovel. Well...until they make it harder. You just know they will :(

Level 1315

17 Moves 2 Poppies  70 Carrots 70 Strawberries 70 Suns Different ways to get the bull. 1) Break the webbed crop under him, move the bull down. Leave the webbed crop on the bottom row as you will move the bull along to it, the web will stop his movements then you can move him straight up. 2) Down to the first webbed crop, remove the webs from around the spider, move the bull right to hit the spider, then you are in line for the poppy. 3)Go the long way around. Down to the bottom of the board, right to the side, then up and then left. Any of the ways are effective and don't waste a lot of moves as you can gather crops while waiting for them to be the right ones you need to move the bull. Well...until they take some moves away as they usually do. Cascade crops and you will get all you need :)

Level 1314

14 Moves (level changed) 8 Flowers 4 Black Sheep 190 Apples 190 Strawberries This was a pretty fun level even though I didn't do anywhere near as well as others lol. Clear the flowers as quickly as possible and as many as you can each time, then lead the sheep to the hay. Sometimes you can just finish up a row and straight away they go on.  The moving logs will help crops make rows for you too which is good as we need falling crops for the points.

Level 1313

25 Moves 45 Water drops 7 Flowers 45 Apples 45 Carrots Replay this level many times and you will get a decent score. It also helps if you use companions too, I used a filler in my video. You need to make rows next to the buckets to get the water onto the board so that it will (hopefully) reach your seeds and you can grow flowers. You ONLY EVER get TWO seeds on the board, so when you have activated one seed, try to make a row on the main board, not by the buckets so the new seed falls into the better area. At the same point, you won't get any more seeds until you have used at least one. The water is the hardest part to get so try and activate 7 seeds then keep making rows by the water so that it floods your board adding extra points to all crops.

Level 1312

26 Moves (level changed) 130 Water drops 3 Dragons 10 Firecrackers 130 Carrots Here I would advise using the breaker companion if you have it. You will only use it once, once activated but there is a good reason for that. You see those pretty boosters sat under the ice? They are really cool and normally you have to buy them, but we have been given them free this time. Once activated the companion will break the ice, and then is un-usable again, but that's ok. The ice is broken and the boosters will fall. So how do they work? Simply. Swap them with a crop and they add +2 points to every crop they remove in a square around them (one layer thick) but something I didn't know until I played this level....they also do other things too! In this game, if you have eggs near them when you use them, they can crack them (if they are ready for cracking) and if you include firecrackers in their area, they light the fuse! isn't that neat!!! So get freeing that companion because i

Level 1311 **Rancid**

15 Moves We need to collect 350 (King changed the level again) Suns, Carrots, Water drops and Strawberries but most of them are grumpy crops. The more crops that fall down, the more clean crops we will have as they won't have sat on the grumpy slime.    Use as many shovels as you can get, and make water to try and get some areas of grass hopefully over the slime, to make extra points and clean crops.