Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Level 1307

16 Moves (changed level)
45 Apples
45 Strawberries
115 Water drops
8 Flowers
The flowers look harder than they are. If you can start working at the bottom of the board, then crops will fall down and hopefully make some nice neat rows and then open flowers for you.
You have rotating crops which will also help with this as sometimes they can line themselves up for you too. 
Make combinations for extra points too. After the least level this is more fun!


  1. Mine has 80 apples, 80 strawberries and 150 blue drops as the requirement.

    1. Thank you :) They have changed many entire episodes so will change this one :)

    2. Deborah mine is still as this one, so its either your's has changed and mine hasn't or the other way around. Will keep my eye on it though :)