Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Level 1306

21 Moves
2 Spiders
40 Mushrooms
120 Apples
This is a harder level than one that was marked with hard. 
Its really easy to get the spiders, you just need to make rows next to them.
And its not too hard to get all the apples as long as you keep making rows on the grass.
The problem is the mushrooms. They don't have much-room (haha).
You need to make practically every move next to as many mushrooms as you can, to get them to spread, and keep doing that over and over again. If you can get some extra points on some that you can make a row of by dropping a crop, use a shovel to save a move. That way you won't lose any points on other crops too.
Its a tricky level but keep at it as you will beat it :)

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