Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Level 1305

20 Moves (changed level)
70 Strawberries
70 Apples
7 Firecrackers
25 Mushrooms
King always say that the order that the requirements are listed are in order of how hard they are. I strongly disagree. That would make mushrooms easy! There is no Fun-gi in my mushrooms ..
You need to make rows next to them to get them to multiply. I would start with these as they are the hardest. I don't know if I just had a bad board but when I accidently matched up my top mushrooms, I didn't get any more fall, I just had the ones in the ice left. So I would suggest until you have a few on your board, do not make any rows with them!
I used the penguin companion so he helped my firecrackers along, which was useful when they are in between iced crops.
Hopefully the jumping sparks will break the ice to get your mushrooms, if not, help them along with a  shovel. 
Gather the crops with the numbers on them first as then you will not need to grab so many.

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