Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Level 1302

The apples are in the column on the left with no helpers like igniters to get to them. We have a rabbit again, but this time he is useful. Why? Well you see the crops in the left column? Notice the two carrots in it? That is how we are going to get the apples.

Try not to make a row near the rabbit if you can help it. What we need him to do is go and munch the carrots on the left. Once they are gone and the rabbit has moved, the crops will fall and the apples will fall closer to the ones in the ice. Once they are above the ice level, make a row of the apples, the middle one will vanish and the last one will fall, collecting all the apples you need.

To get the rest of the crops you need cascading fruit and veg, it needs to fall and fall and that is where you will get the points as you grab rows in combinations.

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  1. level changed 20 moves 125 suns 125 onions and 70 carrots