Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Level 1301

16 Moves
45 Carrots
13 Flowers
270 Water drops
This level is quite a fun one although harder since they changed it. And probably no longer fun as they changed it again.
You have a green and red frog on the board, which are quite handy, as they eat the strawberries and apples. The only trouble they cause is when they sit their fat bottoms on a crop you may have just been about to match up!
The flowers will be opened by you making rows in between, and against them, but also by crops trickling by as they fall down, so they shouldn't be a problem. 
The carrots are blocked by the flowers but as soon as you remove the flowers, they will start coming through, the hardest part is gathering all the water drops. Most of the points will be gained on the grass squares, or once in hero mode.

video on request

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  1. this level changed to get 16 moves instead 12 moves