Sunday, 24 April 2016

Level 1300

22 Moves (revised)
8 Flowers
18 Firecrackers
60 Strawberries
60 Carrots
This level is marked as a hard one, you will notice its in red. (Well until they change it as they find out its too easy) You might not think so, but keep playing it and you can get some impossible sounding scores with luck and a good board (Again: until they change it)
The igniter companion helps with the firecrackers.

You need to keep making rows and combination rows of crops against the flowers as they are also in the way of the firecrackers.
Once you have gaps in the flowers, make matches next to the firecrackers as you need to collect 18 of them. This is where the companion comes in handy!
You don't actually need so many crops. So its luck and a little skill with a lot of practice. Watch our videos to see the level in action!

**edit Our video was remade as they stupidly removed several moves. but have put them back again. Otherwise its the same which means keep at it, you can do it!

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  1. It can be done. Be sure to change your helper to the ignitor.