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Level 1298

Moves might differ between yours and ours but otherwise is the same idea. 

1 Poppy

1 Spider

90 Suns

90 Strawberries

You don't have many moves on here, move the bull to the left then straight down to get the poppy.

Move the spider quickly as he has free nests to jump into as well.

Make rows of 5 crops wherever you can, even if they are not the crops you need as you will get a whole new set of crops fall.

Cascading crops will help break spider webs.


  1. Why must I do 90-90 and this is 60-60 ?

    1. Because King regularly change levels, whole episodes at a time.

  2. You need 9 moves to get the bull in place and remove the three webs. How can u get 90 berries and 90 suns. Tops I've collected are 60 each in a dozen attempts.

    1. One lucky board and a whole lot of patience :( If the board wants you to win, you will and its as simple as that, but you WILL get a good board :)

  3. used so many beans, this level is just ridiculous, 9 moves to many crops and nearly get there if I had just one or two more moves, hate this game.

  4. level changed to get 14 moves instead of 9


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