Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Level 1295

23 Moves (changed and again)
55 Apples
55 Carrots
80 water drops

This is a frustratingly slow level. Apologies for the long long video because of it.

IF your board opens and you have NO grass seeds on it, quit it and start again. Sometimes you do not get any, sometimes you will get them but waste so many moves waiting for them to arrive its pointless carrying on. I actually used shovels on mine so it could start growing grass, it was quicker.

Assuming you have seeds on your board, keep making rows next to your buckets of water until you get some land next to your seed, and you can make your area of grass.

Don't just make it anywhere though, carefully plan where the seed is, if you have more than one, see which one to make grow first as you need to cover as much slime as you can. The larger the area of grass the less likely when you get some good falling rows with lots of points on, they will be cancelled out by one crop landing on the slime.


  1. Just got to this level and it only has 17 moves now. Bummer!

  2. 17 moves and have to get 110 of the crops.

  3. Oh great! That's the second time. If you think it's too hard please google farm heroes support and complain. I cannot update this for a few days as an away from my pc :(

  4. This is a very frustrating level that I cannot get past at the moment. The moves are now at 23 however it is so difficult to match up the seeds and the water most moves are wasted doing that. Then the buckets overflow and take out all the other crops you need! 😡😡😡😡

  5. level changed you need 55 apples,55 carrots you need 80 water drops instead of suns within 23 moves

  6. Onmogelijk dit lukt niet zonder geluk en hulp