Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Level 1290

10 Moves
16 Flowers
200 Carrots
200 Strawberries
200 Suns
Don't worry so much about the frog, you cannot avoid him all the time but as long as you have falling crops, you will still get enough to pass.
Start at the bottom of the board if you can, this will encourage crops to fall down and hopefully make rows next to the flowers meaning that they open for you with no effort.
If you can't do it like that, just keep making as many rows as you can touching as many flowers as you can in each row. Use combinations.
Unfortunately once you clear all the flowers, you also clear the protection from the slime. So once that happens, just make as many rows as you can around it. 
Keep practising and you will pass the level.
Since they removed 5 moves, you need to use shovels now more than ever on this level, to remove stray crops and make better rows, or to make crops fall down. It depends on how many falling crops as you can, and even use a companion now to help open the flowers.

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  1. level changed 10 moves 200 carrots,200 strawberries,200 suns and 16 flowers