Friday, 8 April 2016

Level 1284

25 Moves
250 Carrots
2 Poppies
75 Water drops
3 Fireflies
Start with moving your bull down to get him away from the fireflies, because this means you can open the one in the top left corner then as he was blocking the crops.
Make water, see if you can get it to splash near your seeds and grow over the slime. Not only will it stop your crops changing but will give you extra points too.
Falling crops are annoying when they fall on slime as you have to wait for them to change back, plus it always seems to be a good row spoilt, but they will add to the points count on healthy crops on your next move.
Remove the fireflies and move your bull to get the poppies but keep making rows next to the buckets for all your watery needs :)


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  1. Impossible de finir... vivement la vidéo... merci pour votre aide