Sunday, 3 April 2016

Level 1281 **Rancid**

In 20 moves we have to remove 780 crops to defeat the raccoon.
We need to gather Carrots, suns, strawberries and water drops.
You can see we have a nice grassy area but it is surrounded by flowers stopping us from getting in there so although we do not need to open flowers to pass the level, we need to remove at least some of them to get to the grass.
Right in the middle are two boosters. They gather everything in a square of one layer of crops around them while adding points on them. The best way to use these is to have extra points on the crops around them before you use the booster for maximum effect. The problem is once you move the flowers they drop down.
Use shovels as the more moves you have left the more stars you get. Careful shovel use can save a move.


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