Sunday, 3 April 2016

Level 1280

14 Moves
400 Apples
400 Strawberries
400 Water drops
20 Flowers
Plan moves carefully on this level so that you might hit flowers and firecrackers at the same time.
I found that I had a few chances for rows of 5 crops which makes all the others vanish too.
One good thing about this level is the only crops that fall down are the ones we can collect meaning we don't need to waste moves on other crops.
If the firecrackers don't open the flowers you can make rows against them as the logs turn around.
Make as many rows next to firecrackers as you can. You don't need to collect them but they will help you.
They increased crops we needed so companion....I found the best one was the manticore despite not throwing anything like it should.

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  1. Stuck on this level for weeks! Posting for luck 🤔