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Level 1310

20 Moves (revised again) 6 Black Sheep 130 Onions 130 Carrots 25  Water drops You have 5 squares of the hay you need already on the board. Don't bother making the grass seeds, just make more hay so you have enough for the sheep. The thing about black sheep is they eat the hay they land on, unlike their paler friends. Move your sheep up even if they don't reach the hay at first, you need to get them off the logs to make it easier. Look to see if you can combine making different shape rows with moving sheep too. Your water drops should get made as you are busy moving the sheep about but you do get more drops falling down too.

Level 1309

Marked a hard level 19 Moves (took away many) 1 Spider 10 Flowers 65 Carrots 65 Suns Sometimes if you are lucky you get crops on logs that will make a row around your flowers, otherwise if not, you need to keep making rows in the slime. Not all hope is lost though, break enough flowers and there is grass to brighten our day. Just dispose of the spider and break his webs, and you can open the rest of the flowers from here. You don't need to remove all the flowers. Yes you will still lose decent rows to grumpy crops but you will also make some good points here too.

Level 1308

16 Moves  1 Spider 1 Sheep 45 Onions 2 Flowers On this level you do not need to get the fireflies. But to get to the flowers, unless you use the grower companion, you won't be able to get to the top flower without moving them. Move the sheep over to the hay, the spider is really easy to get and the onions are not so bad either as long as you cascade them down to gain extra points on each row you make.  If you're not using companions, and  even if you are, make rows of crops near your flowers whenever you get chance so that you can remove them quickly.

Level 1307

16 Moves (changed level) 45 Apples 45 Strawberries 115 Water drops 8 Flowers The flowers look harder than they are. If you can start working at the bottom of the board, then crops will fall down and hopefully make some nice neat rows and then open flowers for you. You have rotating crops which will also help with this as sometimes they can line themselves up for you too.  Make combinations for extra points too. After the least level this is more fun!

Level 1306

21 Moves 2 Spiders 40 Mushrooms 120 Apples This is a harder level than one that was marked with hard.  Its really easy to get the spiders, you just need to make rows next to them. And its not too hard to get all the apples as long as you keep making rows on the grass. The problem is the mushrooms. They don't have much-room (haha). You need to make practically every move next to as many mushrooms as you can, to get them to spread, and keep doing that over and over again. If you can get some extra points on some that you can make a row of by dropping a crop, use a shovel to save a move. That way you won't lose any points on other crops too. Its a tricky level but keep at it as you will beat it :)

Level 1305

20 Moves (changed level) 70 Strawberries 70 Apples 7 Firecrackers 25 Mushrooms King always say that the order that the requirements are listed are in order of how hard they are. I strongly disagree. That would make mushrooms easy! There is no Fun-gi in my mushrooms .. You need to make rows next to them to get them to multiply. I would start with these as they are the hardest. I don't know if I just had a bad board but when I accidently matched up my top mushrooms, I didn't get any more fall, I just had the ones in the ice left. So I would suggest until you have a few on your board, do not make any rows with them! I used the penguin companion so he helped my firecrackers along, which was useful when they are in between iced crops. Hopefully the jumping sparks will break the ice to get your mushrooms, if not, help them along with a  shovel.  Gather the crops with the numbers on them first as then you will not need to grab so many.

Level 1304

17 Moves (revised) 4 Poppies 180 Apples 180 Water drops 180 Strawberries This level isn't as complicated as it looks.  Try to move the bull over to the higher poppy while it is still on the same row, then wait until a poppy on the lower set of logs moves into position. Catch that one and then move back up to get a higher one again. If you are not sure what I mean, check out the video at the bottom of this guide. The grassy area is webbed up, but the spider seems to have moved on all by himself, so as the crops are rotating on the logs, be using the new crops to make rows and break the webs. You should get plenty of crops falling down for you to add lots of points on, meaning that you don't need to collect so many :)

Level 1303

19 Moves (revised) 1 Poppy 1 Spider 90 Suns 90 Carrots Two ways to get the bull. Either move him straight down the left edge, across to the right then down to hit the poppy ( a lot easier than the other way), or move him right first then when it hits the edge of the board, down to the bottom, left then back right to the poppy. The spider is stupidly easy to remove. Makes me think they will make it harder at some point. (and they did)  The hardest part is really the crop gathering. You need to save as many moves as you can so that you have enough to collect the amount of crops you need. Falling crops especially where the grass is will help you here. video coming

Level 1302

The apples are in the column on the left with no helpers like igniters to get to them. We have a rabbit again, but this time he is useful. Why? Well you see the crops in the left column? Notice the two carrots in it? That is how we are going to get the apples. Try not to make a row near the rabbit if you can help it. What we need him to do is go and munch the carrots on the left. Once they are gone and the rabbit has moved, the crops will fall and the apples will fall closer to the ones in the ice. Once they are above the ice level, make a row of the apples, the middle one will vanish and the last one will fall, collecting all the apples you need. To get the rest of the crops you need cascading fruit and veg, it needs to fall and fall and that is where you will get the points as you grab rows in combinations.

Level 1301

16 Moves 45 Carrots 13 Flowers 270 Water drops This level is quite a fun one although harder since they changed it. And probably no longer fun as they changed it again. You have a green and red frog on the board, which are quite handy, as they eat the strawberries and apples. The only trouble they cause is when they sit their fat bottoms on a crop you may have just been about to match up! The flowers will be opened by you making rows in between, and against them, but also by crops trickling by as they fall down, so they shouldn't be a problem.  The carrots are blocked by the flowers but as soon as you remove the flowers, they will start coming through, the hardest part is gathering all the water drops. Most of the points will be gained on the grass squares, or once in hero mode. video on request

Level 1300

22 Moves (revised) 8 Flowers 18 Firecrackers 60 Strawberries 60 Carrots This level is marked as a hard one, you will notice its in red. (Well until they change it as they find out its too easy) You might not think so, but keep playing it and you can get some impossible sounding scores with luck and a good board (Again: until they change it) The igniter companion helps with the firecrackers. You need to keep making rows and combination rows of crops against the flowers as they are also in the way of the firecrackers. Once you have gaps in the flowers, make matches next to the firecrackers as you need to collect 18 of them. This is where the companion comes in handy! You don't actually need so many crops. So its luck and a little skill with a lot of practice. Watch our videos to see the level in action! **edit Our video was remade as they stupidly removed several moves. but have put them back again. Otherwise its the same which means keep at it, you can do it!

Level 1299

19 Moves 2 Poppies 6 Flowers 70 Strawberries 70 Carrots Some of the flowers are on logs, some in the centre. Use the best combinations to open them and use crops on logs to match with any crops on the board. Move your bull to the top of the board, then move him left and right to get the poppies. Falling crops again will open flowers for you with no effort.

Level 1298

Moves might differ between yours and ours but otherwise is the same idea.  1 Poppy 1 Spider 90 Suns 90 Strawberries You don't have many moves on here, move the bull to the left then straight down to get the poppy. Move the spider quickly as he has free nests to jump into as well. Make rows of 5 crops wherever you can, even if they are not the crops you need as you will get a whole new set of crops fall. Cascading crops will help break spider webs.

Level 1297

15 Moves (changed) 2 Black sheep 2 Flowers 100 Suns 100 Strawberries For some reason we seem to have two random sun bombs. They don't seem to serve a purpose and can be easily removed as crops fall by themselves. Move the sheep up and as you are busy making crops, the flower seeds will fall so that you can sow them and make them grow. There are plenty of water drops on the board for you, so we don't need to make it and as crops fall down, hopefully they will help open your flowers. Combinations and you will soon have all needed crops.

Level 1296 **Rancid**

16 Moves to beat Rancid, a little different, you need 8 onions OR a sheep. You don't need to move the sheep, if you can get enough points on the onions then you can just shovel it away. But if you do that too early in the game, even with a lot of moves left you still end up with one star! It is a very strange level! It seems this time it depends, not on the amount of moves you have left, but how many crops you collect. Which you can't collect many of as there are not enough moves or crops! You don't need to collect flowers, but you do need to move them to get to the firecrackers, and you seemingly need to activate them and make some movement on the board to get any points. The companions are pretty useless as you cannot collect enough, certainly at the beginning of this level to activate any. All in all...its not such a fun level. '

Level 1295

23 Moves (changed and again) 55 Apples 55 Carrots 80 water drops This is a frustratingly slow level. Apologies for the long long video because of it. IF your board opens and you have NO grass seeds on it, quit it and start again. Sometimes you do not get any, sometimes you will get them but waste so many moves waiting for them to arrive its pointless carrying on. I actually used shovels on mine so it could start growing grass, it was quicker. Assuming you have seeds on your board, keep making rows next to your buckets of water until you get some land next to your seed, and you can make your area of grass. Don't just make it anywhere though, carefully plan where the seed is, if you have more than one, see which one to make grow first as you need to cover as much slime as you can. The larger the area of grass the less likely when you get some good falling rows with lots of points on, they will be cancelled out by one crop landing on the slime.

Level 1294

24 Moves (changed) 2 Spiders 80 Onions 80 Strawberries As you can see all the empty nests for the spiders are on the logs. These move which means that crops you are going to remove the webs from will likely be webbed over again but don't despair. Just keep trying to free them to get the spiders moving until they have no where left to run and flee. At the same time make combinations with your rows so that you get some nice points on them. The more points the less crops you need.

Level 1293

15 Moves (changed) 6 Poppies 60 Strawberries 60 Suns Its quite easy to get the crops here, you just need a little moving about to get the poppies The bulls start in the right place to get two of the poppies, you only need to move them across. To get the others it takes a little careful planning. The logs at the top and bottom of the board, do not rotate around the whole board. The top logs stay in the top half, the bottom logs in the bottom half. When you have hit the first two poppies, move your bulls onto the logs. You do get one bull that starts on the logs and that is helpful. Then as the crops rotate you can get the other poppies, you just need to keep moving the bulls on and off the logs.  A little practice and you will see how easy it is.

Level 1292

13 Moves (changed) 8 Flowers 4 Poppies 150 Strawberries 150 Carrots Open the flowers, carefully place rows in between them to spare moves. Once the flowers are out of the way you can move your bull across. Then you can either keep moving it across and follow the board around to get the other poppies, or having got the first poppy, it will line up with the higher poppy. Take that one out, move your bull left, then down to get the third poppy, and straight to the right for the final one. In my opinion that is the easier way as it is less moves. You only get 13 now since they changed it so you definitely don't want to waste them or you don't have enough to get the crops.

Level 1291

23 Moves (ammended) 1 Spider 4 Flowers 80 Carrots 80 Suns The webs are all hiding the flowers, until you clear them all and keep moving the spider along the empty nests its going to be very difficult if not impossible to open the flowers. You need cascading crops that not only add extra points to your crops, but ones that fall down and break spider webs for you. (they are a pain!!) As always, watch for possible 5 crops in a row and use combinations to gather crops. Move the spider as soon as you can and break the webs and make rows horizontally against the flowers to open more than one.

Level 1290

10 Moves 16 Flowers 200 Carrots 200 Strawberries 200 Suns Don't worry so much about the frog, you cannot avoid him all the time but as long as you have falling crops, you will still get enough to pass. Start at the bottom of the board if you can, this will encourage crops to fall down and hopefully make rows next to the flowers meaning that they open for you with no effort. If you can't do it like that, just keep making as many rows as you can touching as many flowers as you can in each row. Use combinations. Unfortunately once you clear all the flowers, you also clear the protection from the slime. So once that happens, just make as many rows as you can around it.  Keep practising and you will pass the level. Since they removed 5 moves, you need to use shovels now more than ever on this level, to remove stray crops and make better rows, or to make crops fall down. It depends on how many falling crops as you can, and even use a companion now to help open the flowers.

Level 1289

15 Moves (boohoo they removed half) 100 Onions 100 Carrots 8 Flowers 2 Black sheep Work your rows so that they are in between flowers when they match up. This is one of those levels you should get at least a few chances to remove all crops by matching 5 of the same, this helps a lot. You only have two ways to get the sheep to the hay, move them along the bottom or the top depending on whichever way the crops lie for you. The trickiest part is getting your sheep to the hay so save your shovels for moving in the way crops.

Level 1288

20 Moves 150 Apples 3 Poppies 9 Flowers This is marked as a hard level and it is hard to get a decent score if that is what you like, but I have played harder levels that haven't been marked as hard. If I can do it, and I am not one of the better players, that means you can :) Use combinations to open the flowers up. Once you have done that you have two ways of getting the poppies. Either move the bulls across to the poppies as soon as they rotate to the right place on the logs. Or you can move one on to the board and move it around to get to the poppies. In between that you need to use combinations to get your apples.

Level 1287

18 Moves 1 Sheep 7 Flowers 2 Poppies 55 Apples Line the crops along the flowers to open more than one each time. Once you have a clear run, all you need to do is move your bulls straight up and they will catch the poppies. Make rows of crops as long as possible going upwards and you will move your sheep in less moves to the hay. You need 55 Apples but will waste moves on the flowers, so try to use combination rows to get them.

Level 1286

19 Moves (revised) 2 Flowers 140 Carrots 5 Poppies The poppies are moving along the logs for you to line the bulls up to hit. The flowers of course are blocking them, but see if you can line up a row of crops in between them to help open, or underneath the both of them even. Once they are cleared, just wait for the poppies to line up with the bulls and move them while gathering your carrots. 

Level 1285

22 Moves 6 Flowers 60 Water Drops 200 Apples 200 Carrots In this final level of the episode, use the crops on the logs to help unlock the webbed crops. You won't get any more seeds fall down until you have changed the seeds on the board, but you should find that as you are busy matching crops up, some of them will activate your water buckets and help in your quest to make water. If it doesn't, then you need to make it quick so you can set your seed growing. As each seed falls, germinate it as quickly as you can so another will fall down as you need 6 and your moves will soon go. Falling crops will also help your crop count to get you towards the goal of completing the level. video coming

Level 1284

25 Moves 250 Carrots 2 Poppies 75 Water drops 3 Fireflies Start with moving your bull down to get him away from the fireflies, because this means you can open the one in the top left corner then as he was blocking the crops. Make water, see if you can get it to splash near your seeds and grow over the slime. Not only will it stop your crops changing but will give you extra points too. Falling crops are annoying when they fall on slime as you have to wait for them to change back, plus it always seems to be a good row spoilt, but they will add to the points count on healthy crops on your next move. Remove the fireflies and move your bull to get the poppies but keep making rows next to the buckets for all your watery needs :) VIDEO COMING

Level 1283

18 Moves 2 Poppies 4 Fireflies 350 Apples 350 Onions Ok so obviously the flies are in the way of the poppies. You can either make rows next to them or bump the bull into them to light them. Either way light the bottom ones first because the top ones will be turned on and off so many times while trying to get the lower ones it will get annoying. Once they are gone, the bulls can get to the poppies. You can either move both across, or depending on how your crops fall, just move your top bull across and it lines up correctly with the lower poppy. While doing this you should have been gathering lots of falling crops and extra points, so save as many moves as you can to get the crops you need.

Level 1282

14 Moves 16 Firecrackers 12 Flowers 220 Apples 220 Strawberries See if you can work from the bottom of the board as much as possible in this level. This will encourage crops to fall and open flowers up for you. You do need to collect all the firecrackers, but this is a good thing as they help open flowers too for you. Match against as many of them and the flowers as you can at the same time. See how many combinations you can make but let those crops fall like dominoes for extra points. video to follow

Level 1281 **Rancid**

In 20 moves we have to remove 780 crops to defeat the raccoon. We need to gather Carrots, suns, strawberries and water drops. You can see we have a nice grassy area but it is surrounded by flowers stopping us from getting in there so although we do not need to open flowers to pass the level, we need to remove at least some of them to get to the grass. Right in the middle are two boosters. They gather everything in a square of one layer of crops around them while adding points on them. The best way to use these is to have extra points on the crops around them before you use the booster for maximum effect. The problem is once you move the flowers they drop down. Use shovels as the more moves you have left the more stars you get. Careful shovel use can save a move. VIDEO COMING

Level 1280

14 Moves 400 Apples 400 Strawberries 400 Water drops 20 Flowers Plan moves carefully on this level so that you might hit flowers and firecrackers at the same time. I found that I had a few chances for rows of 5 crops which makes all the others vanish too. One good thing about this level is the only crops that fall down are the ones we can collect meaning we don't need to waste moves on other crops. If the firecrackers don't open the flowers you can make rows against them as the logs turn around. Make as many rows next to firecrackers as you can. You don't need to collect them but they will help you. They increased crops we needed so companion....I found the best one was the manticore despite not throwing anything like it should.

Level 1279

26 Moves 3 Fireflies 5 Sheep 110 Apples (lowered a lot!) 110 Onions Firstly set the fireflies free. Concentrate on the right hand side of the board despite the fact that the grass is on the left side because you will get more cascading crops on the right that don't come with the free gift of slime for you. The sheep moving should be straight forward, you know how to do that now, so just move them down onto the hay. Rows in between more than one will move multiples at a time. Falling crops is where you will get all the crops you need, so plan moves very carefully.

Level 1278

24 Moves 4 Sheep 120 Apples 120 Onions 120 Carrots This is more of a fun level than some of the other ones. You have two ways of moving the sheep down, either move them down the board and then use clever combinations to get them onto the hay, or more them onto floating logs and when they get under the hay, move them over to take them home. Try to make rows out of the crops you need as you will need a lot of falling crops to get the points but hopefully they will play nicely for you.

Level 1277

18 Moves 4 Flowers 80 Apples 2 Spiders 80 Strawberries Don't make the flowers underneath the taller columns or you prevent crops falling. Break webs as quickly as possible as the grass is where you will make all your points on your crops, You need cascading crops again, so if you make some flowers, as the crops cascade down they will open the flowers for you. The only frumpy crops are the water drops but you should have enough healthy ones to make your flower seeds germinate,

Level 1276

32 Moves 60 Apples 60 Water drops 6 Chicks 4 Dragons The eggs are probably the hardest part of this so watch them carefully as you begin cracking. Take your time with this level, you cannot rush through it. Sometimes the companions helped, sometimes they didn't. Try not to make longer rows of eggs to crack as you can end up losing all your eggs to make one cracked egg which is really annoying. And the same goes for if you make a row of +5 crops. If you take away all the crops you can end up with eggs all together and making one long line.

Level 1275

23 Moves (amended again) 8 Chicks 110 Carrots 110 Suns 15 Firecrackers You should be able to easily get the firecrackers you need as long as you make as many rows as you can next to them (and use the igniter too) You can even make the chicks if you plan your moves carefully. The hardest part really I found, was gathering the crops. You do not need to remove the flowers, but they get in the way and you will likely open them as you go along anyway. You must make your crops cascade, so they crack eggs, ignite firecrackers and add bonus points to your crops. Or you will not make enough. Use combinations to do everything at once, and you will be fine...

Level 1274

Completely changed since the weeds were added. The poppies and bulls are under weeds. You do not get many moves so every move counts. Lay matches against more than one flower at a time and you only need really to free one bull to get the poppies, just don't forget all the weeds. Log rotations will help too.

Level 1273

14 Moves 1 Poppy 160 Suns 160 Water drops 14 Flowers There are three ways you can get this poppy. 1. Move the bull to the right, up then left. 2. Use the missing board squares as stoppers, so up, then right then up. 3. Move the bull onto the log, wait until he is under the poppy and then move him up. Any of these ways work and can be done in the moves as long as you have cascading crops that co-operate and fall where you need them, not where they can be more awkward. Make as long a row as you can against the flowers to open more than one at a time as you need the moves.

Level 1271

16 Moves 9 Flowers 1 Spider 100 Carrots 100 Water drops Start at the bottom and make your crops fall down to open flowers and hopefully remove the spider wherever you can. If you can't do that, make rows in between flowers and against webs as quickly as possible as if you don't do this in a few less moves you won't have enough left for the crop gathering. Happily we don't need to make water this time, it rains for us, but you will find a companion helpful I think here.