Monday, 21 March 2016

Level 1267

24 Moves (revised)
11 Flowers
39 Water drops
150 Carrots
18 Firecrackers
As usual with the flowers, make rows of crops against them. You certainly do not get enough moves to waste here.
The best advice for this level is to make as many firecrackers as you can jump about and to make crops cascade. You need a good run and plenty of falling crops or you don't get enough points and you need the crops on the logs to turn and help make rows too.
You have 7 flowers on the board meaning you need to use all 4 of your grass seeds to make more. Tricky when you need to do everything at once but with a good board, it can be done.



  1. Revised again. 19 moves; 11 flowers, 18 firecrackers, 39 water drops, 150 carrots. This level has blue bombs and a blue frog as well. Way too much going on!

  2. revised again 24 moves instead of 16 moves

    1. Thanks for the heads up about these levels. They have been revised several times and were actually waiting for new videos because of it. It would be nice if they stopped switching them so much :(