Monday, 21 March 2016

Level 1265

18 Moves
10 Flowers
80 Carrots
80 Onions
80 Suns
8 Flowers on the board means you need to grow two of your own flowers.
Ideally if you can get a seed sitting in the slime and a water seed on the grass on the logs, you can remove some of the slime by turning it into grass, but this can waste moves so don't try unless it lines itself up for you.
Use some of the grumpy crops to open flowers. Make rows so that you hit two flowers each time. 
Once you remove flowers, you will reveal patches of grass, but cascading crops will add points to your gathered goodies.
There seems to be a new change, or a glitch, as per usual King have not come out and said it, but hitting a seed with a shovel, seems to change it into a flower now too!

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  1. 18 moves; 10 flowers, 80 carrots, 80 onions, 80 suns